1st Thursdays - May 2nd

ArtBark International & Friends

1st Thursdays

May 2nd, 2013  5-8 pm

Outdoor Patio in front of Marshalls @ Canon Perdido and State Street

www.artbark.org     artbarkinternational@gmail.com       (805) 569-0389


A playful line-up of dance, physical theater, music, magic and improvisation by some of Santa Barbara’s finest creatives


Performance Schedule


5:00   Montino Bourbon – Musical Offerings

5:30   DramaDogs – a Theater Company

6:00   Ajde (Macedonian Wedding Band)

6:30   ArtBark International

6:50   Got Country?

7:20   Nicole McKenzie Improv Group

7:35   Honeysuckle Possums


Description of the Creative Contributions

Montino Bourbon

 I have been a musician for uncounted millennia. In this phase of existence, I have been a musician for over 70 years.  I studied classical Indian music with the great maestro Ali Akbar Khan, and have played classical Indian music since 1967. 2 years ago I embarked on the Montara project, designing an electric instrument that would be able to play Indian music and Western music. To my surprise, the instrument that I designed was not what I expected it to be, namely an electric sarod, nor is it a fretless electric guitar; instead, it is a hybrid of both, a completely new instrument with expanded possibilities. I will be accompanied by my own band, and look forward to playing on Thursday.


DramaDogs - a Theater Company

DramaDogs will be doing a series of vignettes performed by E. Bonnie Lewis and Michelle A. Osborne.


Ajde (Macedonian Wedding Band)

Ajde: in Macedonia and Bulgaria translates as, “Let’s Go”, and is sung and yelled out when the music begins playing. Members of this group were brought together by the ancient and haunting sounds of the instruments and music of Macedonia and the love of playing the music for dancers. Our music comes from the villages of Macedonia and their neighbors where the music is played during festivals, weddings and all family events.  Ajde will be performing, with Tapan and Zurla (Traditional Macedonian instruments), Macedonian dance music. These simple village dances will be performed by the Santa Barbara folk dancers with the public being invited to join in the dancing. Dances performed will include:  1. Kalina Mome 2. Pravo 3. Cocek Medley 4. Dada Shli/ Oj Senela Senela 5. Etno Stil 6. Pajdusko


ArtBark International – 3 things

One: Karyn Laver  has the community outreach dance company in tap shoes and gives a sneek preview of her

work-in-progress  I'm With You But I'm Lonely. Two:  Young illusionist Noah Block, who comes from a family of gifted performers, will wow the crowd with sleight-of-hand and card tricks! Three: West Coast ArtBarker’s will perform One World is Never Enough premiered at LA’s Diavolo Theater for the Awakenings and Beginnings Festival & also performed on the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance's Kinesis concert. This work will also be performed in the 2013 ADaPT Festival at ARC Pasadena.


Got Country?

Got Country? is a Country Western performance and competition dance team. The music they dance to is a compilation of lively Country Western music with choreography to match. After they perform they will teach a fun and easy line dance and will encourage the public to join in.


Nicole McKenzie Improv Group

Nicole McKenzie improvising on violin and local movement artists Ruth Alpert, Melissa Block, Misa Kelly, Susan Shaberman and E. Bonnie Lewis responding with an unstructured improvisation, letting their hearts and intuition lead and their bodies follow this group of seasoned professionals are bound to stir up a great deal of delight!


Honeysuckle Possums

The Honeysuckle Possums play old time, original and bluegrassy music and have a gloriously fun time doing it. The band intention is Peace and Bliss through music! Generally a five all-female band, this event will be Susan Reeves, Rebecca Troon and Ruth Alpert.  In an early practice, the Honeysuckle Possums agreed that their mission would be to create and share musical bliss. As a result, Possum shows are full of infectious laughter, and light-heartedness. It is clear that they are having a blast when they play, and their sweet love and friendship moves through the music and mingles with the audience freely, along with their lovely and carefully-woven harmonies.   This ArtBark International & Friends project is funded in part by the Organizational Development Grant Program using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission.

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