2012 - In Review

2012 was a WONDERFUL year thanks to the support of so many incredible beings!  A year of transition as SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre we morphed into ArtBark International.

Saw the New Year in in Style

Stephen and Misa went to their first New Year's Eve party in a long, long, long time and had a wonderful time at the Pescadrome - especially the chance to get in costume.


In February we launched our Affinity Project with Affinity I occurring in Pasadena and Santa Barbara.  This was a distinctive step towards morphing into ArtBark International.  
In July Affinity II occurred at Le Regard Du Cygne in Paris, France and in October 
 Affinity III emerged as a mini-festival with artists from San Francisco, SoCal, New York and Santa Barbara engaging in five different events.  Wonderful press, great performances, wonderful documentation!   For more information about the project please visit our project website at www.artbarkaffinityproject.org

Mojca Majcen spacing work at Le Regard Du Cygne

Slide show of images of contributing Affinity I artists photographed by Sue Bell, Kathee Miller, and Robert Salas.  
Affinity PRESS
Santa Barbara Independent Affinity: SB-ADaPT Fest Sprouts Preview by Elizabeth Schwyzer
Santa Barbara Independent A Review of SonneBlauma’s Final Show Review by Elizabeth Schwyzer
Santa Barbara Independent Dance Festival of the Week: Affinity III  Preview by Elizabeth Schwyzer
Santa Barbara Independent Affinity III, at Various Locations Review by Elizabeth Schwyzer
NOOZHAWK Review: NECTAR Collaboration Exhibits ‘Affinity’ for Dance Review by Justine Sutton
Santa Barbara News PressON STAGE: The Lab of Collaboration - Art Bark's Affinity Fest Is the Soul of Artistic Sharing Preview by Ted Mills Link to pay per view article

Toured to New York and Europe

In February we journeyed to NY to reconnect with Valerie Green and share our work with her community at her space in Queens, Green  Space Studios.  On February 11th we shared a program with Perceptions Dance Company as a part of Val's Take Root Series and on February 12th,  we performed on her Fertile Ground Series. While there we also continued on with our unframe art exercises in museums and on the streets, rehearsed at DANY studios, met up with friends, and basically had a phenomenal time! 
Mojca reflects about her experience with ArtBark at a pizzeria near the Met. 

In June Stephen traveled to Celje, Slovenia to work on a new work with Mojca for premiere at the RAW MATTERS ADaPT Special Festival in Vienna.  New Yorkers Valerie Green and Joanna Nobbe met up with the two and we had an AMAZING TIME!  Afterwards the Kellys journeyed with Mojca to Slovenia where they had opportunity to meet some distant cousins in Celje, Koper, and Logarska Dolina. Afterwards they ventured to Paris where Misa reconnected with the family she was an au paire for 31 years prior. What a glorious time of re connection.


Yup - made time and space to bring rich and rewarding full bodied movement experiences to young artists in Celje, Slovenia with Stephen teaching a composition class, as well as seasoned artists in the Santa  Barbara and Pasadena communities with Master Classes by Nadar Rosano of Israel and Valerie Green of Dance Entropy.

Do enjoy this wonderful little gem of Stephen teaching at IGEN studios.  What a precious moment.


On January 7th Weslie, Tina, and Misa shared the fruits of their labor with the NECTAR community at Yoga Soup - thanks to Cybil Gilbertson for the opportunity and Kathee Miller for capturing the moment.  

photos by ArtBark photographer Kathee Miller

Grit 2 - WAY 2 MUCH FUN! Dancing in vintage bathing suits/caps, idiosyncratic movement, relationship rich, deeply psychological and walked the edge between slightly frightening and incredibly hysterical. Feedback? Folks LOVED the work and the girls made Misa proud! 

On May 12th both Stephen and Misa premiered new works at NECTAR: Golden which included a delightful appearance of the Stewart family (mom, dad, and 4 year old James) as a part of the performance art work "Paint My Wrinkles Red."  .
Photos of Caravan by ArtBark Photographer Kathee Miller: Performers Steven Jasso, Stephen Kelly, Misa Kelly

Photos of Paint my Wrinkles by ArtBark Photographer Kathee Miller

Toured to EUROPE

MAX10, then Celje, SLOVENIA followed by       Vienna, AUSTRIA

June 4th
The Electric Lodge
Venice Beach, CA
7:00 pm
Misa performed Unzipped as a solo integrating the audience seating folks on stage and random chance integration of a poetess.

June 4th & June 11th
ArtBark International Choreography Classes
Master classes in choreography and composition at Dance Theater IGEN's home studio in Celje, Slovenia. Classes facilitated by Stephen Kelly and Mojca Majcen.

Yup! They had TONS of fun.  This video is too sweet for words!

June 19th - June 30th
Kabelwerks Theatre

Yup! The ADaPT Festival sprouted in Vienna this year and the plan is for it to be in Istanbul next year before bringing it home to the west coast in 2014.  

July - Paris, FRANCE  AFFINITY II & Educational Outreach

July 8th
studio Le Regard du Cygne
4:00 pm
ArtBark & Friends!

July 9th
The Museum Project - at the Lourve

July 22nd - Master Class with Nadar Rosano from Israel @ ARC Pasadena. 11:00 am. Reserve your space through eventbrite.

July 25th - Master Class with Nadar Rosano from Israel @ the Montecito School of Ballet. 9:45 am sign-in. Reserve your space through eventbrite.

SEPTEMBER - Santa Monica, CA

MixMatch Festival produced by Hart Pulse Dance Company
Miles Memorial Playhouse
September 1st and 2nd
September 1st @ 8:00 pm Joanna Nobbe and Misa Kelly performed Unzipped
September 2nd @ 2:00 pm Stephen Kelly's work Caravan was performed by Joanna Nobbe, Misa Kelly and Stephen Kelly. 

Pure bliss to be backstage and chat it up with old friends and new friends and even friends who live merely miles away you never see because of the intensity of juggling so many occupations and tasks as working class artists.   Double bliss to view the other works on the programs from the wings and the sleepover with giggles long into the night at Noelle of Rubans Rouge Dance Company's home.

October - Santa Barbara and Los Angeles

October 6th, 2012
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Santa Barbara Dance Alliance Dance Day
1-3 pm
ArtBarkers at improvisational play!