ADaPT Festival: 2011 - 2013

ArtBark had a great time producing this series! Presently our large scale festival format is on hold as we focus on the Alma Karlin Project and growing the HIVE with collaborators.

2011- SB-ADaPT Festival (Santa Barbara, Goleta, Venice Beach - USA)
2012 - RAW MATTERS: ADaPT Special Fest (Vienna, AUSTRIA)
2013 - ArtBark International & Friends: ADaPT Festival 2013 (Brooklyn, NY; Santa Barbara, CA; Pasadena, CA) 
2014 - we're taking a break!
2015 ??? We'd love to see it sprout in another country again


The ADaPT Festival series arose out of a desire to reciprocate in the community providing performing opportunities to creatives at all phases of artistic development.  In June of 2011, as SonneBlauma we launched our first international dance and physical theater festival.  The SB-ADaPT (A Dance and Physical Theater) Festival. 

We originally envisioned a weekend of two different shows at Center Stage Theater featuring 16 different companies with time to network and maybe offer a master class. It grew into something HUGE. We called it the kindly beast.   We put out the call and instead of 16 companies we wound up with 50 + companies/independent artists and their collaborators from 23 different cities and 5 different countries.  Over 150 artists were served!  Instead of one weekend the event wound up spanning three weeks.  The image of one master classes grew into five: Kristen Hatleberg taught an outdoor workshop in drawing/dancing/communication, Dudley Brooks a clowning for dancers class, Ramya Harishankar - Indian Dance, Sinan Simyat a master class in the community and one at UCSB in his distinctive and original process Meditative Dance.  The thought of it happening in one city expanded to include three: Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Venice Beach.

The image of events happening at one space expanded to eight:  - Center Stage Theater, the Pescadrome, the Electric Lodge, the Paseo Neuvo Mall Amphitheater, the Contemporary Arts Forum, East Beach, Alice Keck Park & UCSB. It nearly wiped us out - but we survived and lived to tell about it. Initially we thought, never, never, never again...  Then we thought, well never again THAT way and began to brainstorm about different ways of doing the festival. One notion that surfaced was that of having it in different places. One thing led to another and lo and behold in 2012 Regina Picker, 2011 ADaPT Festival participant invited the Kellys to Vienna to perform, and before they knew it plans for the ADaPT Festival in Vienna manifest.  The Festival shared 2011 components with a venue for an experimental event, works for conventional theater, time for the artists to dialog, master classes, and time to eat together as well.  Three American choreographers shared work on the program with artists from European countries. RAW MATTERS: ADaPT Fest Vienna 2012 was a HUGE success!

In 2013, the plan had been for the Festival to occur in Istanbul, but something about the project didn't seem to be "gelling." Although a difficult decision to make the Kellys decided to postpone the Festival happening in Turkey June of 2013, and in hindsight, was that ever the right decision in that the Fest was scheduled to happen during the time the conflict was raging in that city.  

In 2013 the Festival returned to the United States with the dream being realized of generating a Festival that would have a built in opportunity for lesser known creatives to tour.  It opened in May in Brooklyn, NY then traveled to Santa Barbara, CA, then Pasadena, CA and closed with a master class in Santa Barbara.  Another HUGE success!