ADaPT Festivals


2013 Project Website
a tri-city Festival! ADaPT Fest 2013
It was an AMAZING event!  
  • Opening event at the Center for Performance Research on May 30th
  • Performances at Center Stage Theater
  • Outdoor component at the Paseo Nuevo Mall
  • 2 Artist "Playdates" building community
  • an Artist Brunch
  • 3 stellar master classes
  • a Performance in Pasadena
  • two nights of an experimental performance installation at Fishbon
It travelled to Vienna with Regina Picker and Raw Matters serving as the Festival host
  • Guerilla style performance art at the Belvedere Museum
  • Performance installation at ContraMASS Gallery
  • 2 stellar masgter classes at Palais Kablewerks
  • 2 different shows at Palais Kablewerks providing opportunity to 3 American choreographers
  • an Artist Brunch 
  • an Artist Dialog about funding and performing opportunities in respective countries


2011 Project Website - winner of Indy Award for Artistic Direction
YouTube Channel
  • 3 cities, 22 happenings, 5 different venues
  • Over 50 companies/independent artists from 5 countries and 23 different cities
  • Program Alpha and Program Omega at Center Stage, Cut the Edge at the Pescadrome, Master Class Series, Showing at the Electric Lodge and so much more!

Wednesday June 8th, 2011
Fishbon (101 S. Quarantina) 7:00 pm
Keynote Speaker & Presentation: Honey & Mood Productions (from Vienna and Austria) with Kristin Hatleberg skyped in

Sunday June 11th, 2011
Towbes Dance Center,
Dance Tribe Intentional - 11:00 am

Sunday June 12th, 2011

Begins at Alice Keck Park 3:45 pm
Master Class Series: Kristin Hatleberg - Active Listening through drawing with the limbs and dancing

Thursday June 16th
Center Stage Theater, 9:00 am
Artist Welcome - Continental Breakfast, bring food to share! - limited to ten guests. 

Fishbon, 7:00 pm
101 S. Quarantina
Emerging Genre Installation

Friday June 17th, 2011
6:00 pm - Center Stage Theater- Private Artist Exchange Reception - bring food to share!

7:00 pm - Contemporary Arts Forum - "Shop Talk" 
Join in on the "Shop Talk" discussion with SB-ADaPT Festival participants will introduce themselves to the community and will engage in discussions about the artistic process & other key topics.  Their will be a presentation by Simya SANAT (from Istanbul, Turkey) about performing opportunities in Europe.

Saturday June 18th
9:30 am - Center Stage Theater
Master Class Series - Ramya Harishankar (from Irvine, CA)

2:00 pm - Center Stage Theater
Program Alpha: Dance & Physical Theater

4:30 pm - Paseo Nuevo Mall, Amphitheater
Hip Hop, Contact Improvisation, Line Dancing, Middle Eastern Dance & Music

8:00 pm - Center Stage Theater
Program Omega: Dance & Physical Theater

Sunday June 19th
8:45 am - Gather @ East Beach Volleyball Courts
Guerilla Style Beach Dance - Christine Suarez leads (from Santa Monica, CA)

9:30 am - Center Stage Theater
Master Class Series - Dudley Brooks (from San Francisco, CA)
Clowning for Dancers and Movement Artists

2:00 pm - Center Stage Theater
Program Omega: Dance & Physical Theater

7:00 pm - Center Stage Theater
Program Alpha: Dance & Physical Theater

Monday June 19th
7:00 pm - the Pescadrome 101 S. Quarantina
Sofas, Sodas, Dance Flics and Pics - enjoy films by Robin Bisio, Tonia Shimin, Carmela Hermann, Rebecca Alson-Milkman, Maya Dunksy
Bring your own soda!

Tuesday June 22nd
Montecito School of Ballet - 6:45 pm
Master Class Series - Simya SANAT (from Istanbul, Turkey)

Wednesday June 23rd
Fishbon (101 S. Quarantina), 7:00 pm
Event Lab: Simya SANAT and IGEN - on arts in Europe

Saturday June 25th
Electric Lodge, Venice Beach, CA  7:00 pm
Studio showing of select SB-ADaPT Festival works