Affinity: SB-ADaPT Fest Sprouts! ARC Pasadena

SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre Celebrates its 15th Season

TITLE:  Affinity: SB-ADaPT Fest Sprouts!
WHEN: Sunday, February 5th, 4:00 pm
WHERE: ARC Pasadena, 1158 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106
TICKETS: FREE! Reservations at 
Affinity: SB-ADaPT Fest Sprouts! is a reunion of 2011 SB-ADaPT Fest artists who gather to deepen artistic relationships established during the 2011 Festival & to celebrate SonneBlauma's 15th season.   Participating artists include Block & Block, Christine Suarez, Hart Pulse Dance Company, Movement Theater CoLab, Rubans Rouge Dance Company & SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre.  The program features Mojca Majcen from Celje, Slovenia - recently voted by the Slovenian public as Best 2011 Dancer.  

Don’t miss out on this FREE performance celebration.




Block & Block
Christine Suarez
Hart Pulse Dance Company
Movement Theater CoLab 

Rubans Rouge Dance Company

SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre - Stephen Kelly
SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre - Misa Kelly





SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre

SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre will be presenting a selection of repertory and new choreographic works by Co-Artistic Directors Misa & Stephen Kelly. Stephen, a classically trained pianist, composer and choreographer has created a trio for three or more dancers Falling & Flying based on themes of isolation and solidarity. The work will be set to an original score by Kelly.  His work has been described as “brilliant” and “incredibly imaginative” by the press while Misa’s has been described as “witty”, “gutsy & searching”, “gorgeously multi-layered”, “striking and surreal.” Misa is presenting four works:


A Bao A Qu, an emotionally rich solo set on Slovenian dancer Mojca Majcen which takes both the dancer and audience on a cathartic journey through the shadow lands of humanity’s consciousness abiding in the “crack between the worlds between dreamtime and waking.”


Grit – a spunky and raucous duet performed in retro style swimwear and bathing caps that wrangles with all of the things we love and hate about sibling rivalry, suppressed temper tantrums, and explosive relationships between individuals thrust together by no choice of their own.

Moki's Wedding - This is the way to make art, to have the guest live in your home - to eat together, sleep under the same roof, ample time to talk and process.   The incredible stories Moska has to share about life in former Yugoslavia, the war, how it impacted her, her family and her country.   Using these stories as a source of inspiration a dynamic solo for Moki is developing.   We'll be premiering the "1st Draft." photo of Moska Majcen by Nik Jahr

Under No Certain Circumstances - a playful, abstract, multilayered duet that draws inspiration from a gamut of random sources. Sources ranging from YouTube tango demonstrations, The Three Stooges slapstick routines & guerrilla style performance explorations that took place in a Westin Photographic exhibit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.   Tentative...


Block & Block

The mother/daughter dance company Block & Block will perform their newest duet Chaperone.   A funny and touching duet created by Melissa Block (mom) and Sarah Block (11 year old daughter) about the power struggles between mothers and daughters.



Christine Suarez

Christine Suarez choreographs and performs in The Mothers I know and maybe you know too, a solo and self-portrait of her own transition into motherhood. Her words punctuate moments that range from mundane observations to profound surrenders. Her movement both devours space and rigorously spirals in on itself. With The Mothers I know and maybe you know too Suarez reveals a personal narrative that sheds light on the absurd and poetic life of a mother. photo by Robert Salas

Hart Pulse Dance Company

Hart Pulse Dance Company will be presenting "Possibility Lost" poetically defined by choreographer Amanda Hart as  “meeting in blindness, catching fire with touch. Finished before they ever became. Knowing what could have been but will not be." photo by Sue Bell.


Movement Theater CoLab

Choreographer Robert Salas will be presenting Hindsight. A contemporary modern piece that explores the realities and perceived realities of individuals as they struggle with memories, relationships and the outcomes of their choices as visited via hindsight. photo by Robert Salas


Rubans Rouge Dance Company (ARC & CST)

Rubans Rouge Dance Company will feature the work of Artistic Director Noelle Andressen-Kale.  At ARC Pasadena she will perform a short and sweet solo Gethsemane and The Stand - a quartet that questions whether we will fold or stand when human compassion is tested.  photo by Sue Bell