AllArt ArtBark Auditions

photo by Misa Kelly
Sunday September 22nd
5:00 Pm
Montecito School of Ballet
529 E. Gutierrez, Santa Barbara CA 93105

A collaborative and co-creative process with collaborators based in California, New York, and Europe
An AllArt creative experience that expands consciousness, induces creative growth, with ample performing opportunities. Come create in a container of trust, safety, mutual admiration, respect and playfulness.

Contact: artbarkinternational"at"

Next performance goal
tri-city showing - Minty with events in Celje (Slovenia); New York & Santa Barbara November 3rd


We are a collaborative and co-creative collective and work as a community to manage the company.  For artists that can afford it we ask that they chip in to help us manage paying for the space with $15/month dues.