ADaPT & Affinity Application Form

We presently base selection on three things.
1. Artistic excellence and passion for your work - emerging, mid-career, well established artists are all supported and celebrated. 
2. Easey peasey. Yup, folks that can follow directions, get things to us in a timely fashion, follow through on their commitments, are FUN and PLAYFUL to be around.  Divas and folks strongly driven by ego energy primarily concerned about furthering their own work and not helping others would not be a good match for our events.
3. Artists that are either actively working to shift the paradigm and build bridges of opportunity for artists outside of their community, or, are committed to beginning to organize in a way that fosters this vision with their future projects.  
Photo above of IGEN Dance Theater by Robert Salas.  2011 ADaPT Fest Participants.

Apply anytime and send us a heads up that you have sent a project application to weloveartbark"at"

Artist Application

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