Calendar - 2014-12

2012 was a year of transition as SonneBlauma morphed into ArtBark, then ArtBark International.  I'm including a few years on the SonneBlauma archive site of the flow of happenings so one can get  sense of how things really began to blossom as we worked at shifting paradigms and being intentional about "bee-ing" the change.

2015 it became fully ArtBark, with manifestation of our community's Alma Karlin project.

It felt like a rite of passage, finally being "seen and understood", and was utterly satisfying!

October 2012-November 2014 events in the Santa Barbara region are funded in part by the ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Program using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission.  Thank you!


January - Los Angeles, the Community Collective engages!

Awakenings & Beginnings Festival, produced by Rubans Rouge Dance Festival
February 1st - Diavolo Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

ArtBark International premiered "Alma" - an ensemble study for their developing evening length work "Alma Sama" (Alma Alone).  The work was co-created with ArtBark's Community Collective: Melissa Block, Tess Jacobs, Karyn Laver, Hylla Fischer, Chris Rahwles, Misa & Stephen Kelly.  Additionally, Misa performed with the Nicole McKenzie Improv Group.  Photos by  Lisa Flory compliments Rubans Rouge Dance Festival  & the Awakenings and Beginnings Festival.

February - Santa Barbara

Kinesis, produced by the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance
February 21st, 22nd - Center Stage Theater, Santa Barbara, CA

The Community Collective had a second opportunity to share  "Alma."
Photos by Stephen Sherrill

March - Santa Barbara - base for an international creative residency

West Coast La Combadura Residency, March 1-22nd, to move the Alma Karlin Project forward in Santa Barbara, CA with rehearsals at the Montecito School of Ballet and Santa Barbara Dance Arts.

Mojca ventured from Celje, Slovenia and Trina from Brooklyn, NY for a residency focused on developing the Alma Karlin Project.  The professional branch of the collective developed two new sections and set a repertory piece "Nadar" on Mojca.  Joining the collective at this time was emerging artist Yvette Johnson.  Both Trina and Mojca resided at the Kelly La Combadura residence for the duration of the residency, hence the name of the residency. 

 Photos by Misa Kelly


NECTAR: The Art of Healing,
March 8th - 7:00 pm, produced by Cybil Gilbertson
Yoga Soup, Santa Barbara, CA

Per their usual rhythm, ArtBark contributed production assistance the day of to NECTAR and also contributed creative work sharing two sections developed during the La Combadura Creative Residency and installing a one person show of the collective member "Dylan & Friends" visual art, photography, and sculpture.

La Combadura Residency Studio Showing, March 19th - 7:30 pm
Montecito School of Ballet

It was a fabulous turn out for a fabulous FREE event!  ArtBark International shared work developed during the second week of its residency as well as excerpts from what was developed the first week.  As an inter-generational collective performers ranged in age from Noah Block (10) to Hylla Fischer and Misa Kelly both in their 50s, Chris Rawlhes aged 67, and the two young dancers of the day were Mojca Majcen (in her 30s) and Yvette Johnson (in her 20s). Kathee Miller was there to capture the beautiful moments.

photos copyright Kathee Miller

MORE IMAGES by Kathee Miller HERE

May - Santa Barbara & New York

1st Thursdays, hosted by the Santa Barbara Downtown Organization, Santa Barbara, CA
ArtBark International was invited by the Downtown Organization to organize 3 hours of entertainment by local movement artists and poets.  It is always a joy to bring art to places where not normally encountered as a way of expanding audiences.

BAAD/Bronx Academy of the Arts and Dance's "Boogie Down Dance Series" May 2 -17

Misa and Hylla toured from the West Coast to meet up with East Coast ArtBarker Trina Mannino to share an excerpt from the Alma Karlin Project on Saturday, May 3rd. GREAT fun!


July 19-July 26th
Dragons Egg Residency, Ledyard, CT
Compliments of Marya Ursin and her wonderful Board
West Coast and East Coast ArtBarkers gathered to move projects forward at what has become our favorite residency spot on the globe -- The Dragon's Egg! The professional branch of the collective further developed projects, creating both in the studio and conducting movement research in open spaces.

Photos by Misa Kelly

August - Los Angeles

August 9th @ 7:00 pm
ARC Pasadena
Summer Showcase 2: "Secrets & The Silent Rose"
Presented by: Rubans Rouges Dance Company
ArtBark premiered a new work: "Manatee - Ode to my Beloved" performed by Misa Kelly, Stephen Kelly, Hylla Fischer and Marcia Sherman. So grateful to Noelle Andressen for the gracious opportunity. MWAH!   Photos below by Victor Vic.

August 28th-31st

Miles Memorial Playhouse: Santa Monica
The MixMatch Festival, produced by Hart Pulse Dance Company
Saturday August 30th 7:30 pm as ArtBark International
Sunday August 31st 2:00 pm with the Nicole McKenzie Improv Group

September - New York

September - Dragon's Egg @ Triskelion Arts

Photo of Joanna by Misa during their recent Dragon's Egg Residency

ArtBarkers Trina Mannino, Joanna Nobbe, and Misa Kelly will share a new ArtBark trio - an excerpt from a developing evening length work!


September 27th at 2 pm, 2014
Dragon’s Egg Presents at Triskelion Arts' Muriel Schulman Theater
Triskelion Arts
106 Calyer Street
(at the corner of Banker Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
G train to Greenpoint Ave

$15 general admission. Seating is limited.
information: marya at 860 535 3346
Or limited tickets at the door

Participating Artists: ArtBark International, Kristin Hatleberg, Michelle Bach, Kellie Lynch, Ruth Barnes, Rebecca Pappas, Ara Fitzgerald, Rachel Pritzlaff
FullStop Collective, Jason Rabin, Melissa Gordon, Kate Taylor

“assembled” by Marya Ursin:

Pieces have been developed or inspired during residencies at the Dragon’s Egg, artist retreat center in Ledyard,Ct. Contact:

November- Santa Barbara

November 2nd @ 7:00 pm
Center Stage Theater, Santa Barbara, CA
The Hive: BUZZ
ArtBark is once again taking initiative embracing collaborative and co-creative action with like hearted creatives. Maria Rendina Frantz, Melissa Block, Meredith Cabaniss and ArtBarkers Stephen and Misa gathered to discuss the need to ensure an annual Santa Barbara choreographers showcase was in place anticipating change in the community resulting in THE HIVE! .

2013 RECAP

2013 was a GREAT year:  Awakenings and Beginnings Dance Festival, our 8th Kinesis, NECTAR: Love AllWays, Green Space Blooms Festival, Residency at the Dragon's Egg in Connecticut including a studio showing, 1st Thursdays event outside in front of Marshall's with a bunch of peeps, ADaPT Festival in NY and on the West Coast including an awesome round two with the Cut the Edge Emerging Genre Instatllation, Red Ribbons and Memories Dance Concert, our 4th MixMatch Festival, our tri-city Minty showing, and the Family/Friends/Dance Festival.  

Awakening & Beginnings Dance Festival @ Diavolo Theater, Moulton Ave, Los Angeles - January 19th
We had a fabulous time premiering "One World is Never Enough".  Thank you Beth Megill for the lovely write up on your Blog Dancing Poetess and congratulations Noelle on doing an incredible job filling the house to OVERFULL! 
We loved hearing the collective "aww" when Dolby the Dauchsie trotted out onstage behind ArtBarker Karyn Laver for his part in the process.

photos below by Robert Salas
Santa Barbara Dance Alliance Kinesis concert - February 1st & 2nd 
What a tremendous gift to be able to perform this work thrice alongside other SB choreographers.   
Very special thanks to Hylla Fischer and Alberta Fujihara for helping ArtBarker's out with props set-up. 
SOOOOO Much positive feedback!


Misa & Stephen Kelly’s piece “One World is Never Enough” engaged the audience and engaged my poetic self to a deeper understanding of true Kelly talent. The piece “One World is Never Enough” stood out in the Kinetics 2013 dance production like a diamond on a newlywed woman. I would recommend The Kelly Twins to any person who wishes to think on a deeper level and be inspired. Bravo 10/10

Chris Hoffman

(Santa Barbara, CA)


Dear Misa and Stephen,

I didn't get a chance after the show last weekend to speak with you about how I enjoyed your piece.  It had a feel of a kind of cross between Meredith Monk and Pina Bausch to me. 


Artistic Director Nancy Evans Dance Theater (Pasadena, CA)


Hi Misa,

After our hurried conversation in the hallway yesterday, I wanted to follow up by saying that I think it's fantastic that you're doing such innovative work, and that you are not afraid to take risks!  That's one reason why I say I think you are our (SB) most inventive choreographer, and I'm always delighted to see your work!  I applaud your effort whole-heartedly (and of course I'm including Stephen in this also), and remain your devoted groupie!  BRAVA!!! for EVERYTHING you do in the SB Dance community!

Huge hugs and much love,


Susan Alexander Teaches, Santa Barbara CA


Dear Misa,

I loved the piece last night, by the way!


Delila Moseley, owner Montecito School of Ballet, Director UCSB Dance Company)


Under the newly formed performance collective, Art Bark (formerly Sonnenblauma), Misa and Stephen Kelly co-choreographed One World is Never Enough. This piece had it all: charming children at the beginning, a cute Dachshund running across the stage and paper airplanes thrown by the audience! Set to a complex soundscape (that I can't even begin to recreate in my memory), this piece played like an abstract impressionist painting, offering the audience a series of images and scenarios that hinted at travel and relationships, but left the majority of the meaning to be formed by the observer. Very Art Barkian!


Beth Megill,

Dancing Poetess Blog

Faculty Moorpark College, Director Beth Megill and Dancers


“Thought-provoking...eliciting joy”

Weslie Ching

Nebula Dance Lab dancer

NECTAR: Love Always - February 9th @ 8:00 - Yoga Soup
We had opportunity yet again to not only share creative work but to assist Cybil Gilbertson in her administrative process in producing the event.  We also had the good fortune to be there to provide technical support lending NECTAR our video projector, Stephen managing sound, Misa helping set up and coordinate the day of.  GREAT community effort!

MAX10 @ the Electric Lodge - April 1st, Venice Beach CA
We previewed a wonderful new solo set to a sensitve score collaboratively created by Phillip A. Mergatroide and Isa Topete.
Green Space Blooms Dance Festival in NY! 
ArtBark International is performed Friday April 19th (Misa premiered Patchwork Chameleon) & Sunday April 21st (Jo and Misa performed Unzipped)

What an awesome time in NYC!  So cool that we have an office in Brooklyn. Gnarly schedule for Misa but she returned to the West Coast quite refreshed with a heart full of gratitude.

In her grey costume with a peek of mustard yellow, the dancer’s wide eyes pan the intimate space tothe group of serious audience members. I’m pulled into the performer’s tale, and I can’t help elicit a smile o...f wonderment.

The dancer invites us into her world. At first glance it seems lighthearted and youthful. She bounces across the stage; her pigtails bobbing up and down. A high-pitched screech escapes her lips as an infant would when experimenting with sound. What is she trying to tell us?

The dancer appears frustrated at times; slapping her foot against the floor and thrashing her arms above her head. I can identify with these moments of intensity, and the mover deals with them honestly and with integrity.
Patchwork Chameleon is an insightful exploration of communication—demonstrating the unconventional ways people interact with the world around them. We can all learn a tremendous amount from this unique perspective of sound and touch. It’s a gift to witness.
By Trina Mannino, Brooklyn NY choreographer, writer and ArtBarker!

ArtBark International TITANIC: SI Project - Mojca Majcen and Michael Green in residence in NYC collaborating with Valerie Green of Dance Entropy!!

May 2nd - 5-8 pm, 1st Thursdays, in front of Marshalls: 
ArtBark International & Friends presented 3 hours of dance, physical theater, music, magic and improvisation with ample opportunity for audience participation. Participating Companies/Artists include: Ajde, ArtBark International, DramaDogs – a Theater Company, Got Country?, Honeysuckle Possums, Montino Bourbon, Nicole McKenzie Improv Group, Noah Block.   Please see our facebook page for photos and video.

May 22nd - May 29th - Residency at Dragon's Egg in Conneticut!
The Residency, in short, rocked our orbits so much so it will take many moons to adjust to the new expressions stirred in our beings.  Mojca Majcen reunited with the Kellys and carved out two new works and revived repertory.  Trina Mannino arrived to tidy up the duet she set on Stephen and Misa remotely via use of skype rehearsals and other internet resources.  Mariko Reynolds arrived to work on the Life Drawing Score.  While there they made new friends and hosted a studio showing for the Ledyard and Mystic communities.  The Dragon's Egg is also home to the Mystic Paper Beasts Theater company and the Kellys made good use of the opportunity for a photo shoot.


Below is a short collage of progress we made on the Alma Karlin Project.
May 30th
Rocked it at CPR with ADaPT Festival opening!

Superkalafragaliciousexpealadoscious!  Very well pleased with the outcome of the ADaPT Festival
July 24-August 4th. ArtBark International: ADaPT Fest  It was a HUGE undertaking and will take many moons to process all of the videos and photos.
August 17th
ARC PASADENA Rubans Rouge Dance Company - Guest Artist
Red Ribbons & Memories Dance Concert
ArtBark International offered up "Patchwork Chameleon" with the work equally well received as it had been in New York and Santa Barbara.  Audience Feedback "I was so moved!" Wendi Baity - Relentless Dance Theater.
Thank you Noelle for this wonderful performance opportunity.

August 24th
Miles Memorial Playhouse
MixMatch Festival 
On the matinee show Stephen and Misa Kelly performed Trina Mannino's "Recall is Never Replay"  In the evening the Kellys again performed "Recall is Never Replay" and Misa had yet another opportunity to perform Patchwork Chameleon.  

Audience feedback "they won" 
(husband of Emily Watson Dance Company about his favorite work on the program) 
"I loved that" 
(what Stephen heard as the lights faded)
Director Amanda Hart's feedback 
"the audience adored you. And this makes me SO happy because you present excellent modern dance and people can't get enough. You make the modern dance world so much stronger."
Dance Writer - Beth Megill: Fulll Review 
"If you have not seen Misa and Stephen on stage, you should! This husband and wife duet is quirky and thoughtful, nonsensical and endearing. The movement and choreographic structure was non traditional, including gestural phrases set to spoken text that seemed related only by chance at times, but it also felt entirely appropriate. The ending, in which the two slowly entwine in a reclined embrace, wraps up the dada-like piece with a string that can't be explained in words and can only be felt in the gut."

G R A T I T U D E!
It was wonderful to make new friends and equally wonderful to deepen the relationship with fellow creators.

ArtBark International
AllArt Project Auditions
Montecito School of Ballet
529 E. Gutierrez, Santa Barbara CA 93101
5:00 pm 

Dragon's Egg Concert at Triskelion Arts
Sunday September 29th
118 N. 11th St. 3rd Fl
Brooklyn, New York 11211
New York ArtBarker Trina Mannino will share work on the program


November 3rd
TRI-CITY Studio Showing
NYC, Santa Barbara and Celje, Slovenia
ArtBark International and Friends
Event One: Celje, Slovenia - IGEN Dance Studios
Event Two: New York - time/place TBA
Event Three:  Santa Barbara @ Yoga Soup 2:00 pm


A Year of transition - after 15 years as SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre we morph into ArtBark International.

January 7th, 2012

8:00 pm at Yoga Soup
Tickets @ the door
$12 cash

Weslie and Tina premiere a remake of "Grit." It evolved into an entirely new work!  Fun stuff. Dancing in vintage bathing suits/caps, idiosyncratic movement, relationship rich, deeply psychological and walks the edge between scary and hysterical. Feedback? Folks LOVED the work...

photo by ArtBark photographer Kathee Miller

February - Affinity Tour! Pasadena, Santa Barbara, New York

February 5th, 2012
ARC Pasadena
4:00 pm Performance Celebration
SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre, Hart Pulse Dance Company, Rubans Rouge Dance, Christine Suarez, Movement Theater CoLab, Block & Block donate art gifts to unwrap!

February 7th, 2012
Center Stage Theater
6:40 Dante Elephante Pre-Show
7:00 pm Performance Celebration
SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre, Hart Pulse Dance Company, Rubans Rouge Dance, Christine Suarez, Nebula Dance Lab, Movement Theater CoLab, Block & Block donate art gifts to unwrap!

HUGE success!
Visit our Affinity page to see photos and read preview articles and reviews.

February 11th, 2012 - 8:30 pm
Green Space Studios
Take Root Series
SonneBlauma shares an evening of work with NY based Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company.  Works shared included Grit, Unzipped, Moki's Wedding and Falling and Flying. Huge thanks to dancers Kevin Deelen, Tina Corbett, Weslie Ching, Mojca Majcen, and Joanna Nobbe and especially Valerie Green for hosting such a wonderful series. 

February 12th, 2012 - 8:30 pm
Green Space Studios
Fertile Ground
SonneBlauma shares the stage with New York choreographers

While we were there - a bit of guerrilla style movement art in the streets and in museums - unannounced and uninvited, which is always a bit of a rush when on the quest to "unframe art" and bring to places and spaces one might normally not encounter.

March - DANCEWorks

Glorious time participating with the community in Brian Brook's community work "Rush Hour."

Video of the cast backstage warming up. So lovely to dance with my then neighbors. Sophia (10) and her mom. 

May - NECTAR: Golden

May 12th
8:00 pm
Yoga Soup
Tickets: $10

Both Stephen and Misa premiered new works! Caravan and Paint my Wrinkles Red!

Rehearsal footage of Misa (52) and James (4)

Photos of Caravan by ArtBark Photographer Kathee Miller: Performers Steven Jasso, Stephen Kelly, Misa Kelly

Photos of Paint my Wrinkles by ArtBark Photographer Kathee Miller

June - MAX10, then Celje, SLOVENIA followed by       Vienna, AUSTRIA

June 4th
The Electric Lodge
Venice Beach, CA
7:00 pm
Misa performed Unzipped as a solo integrating the audience seating folks on stage and random chance integration of a poetess.

June 4th & June 11th
ArtBark International Choreography Classes
Master classes in choreography and composition at Dance Theater IGEN's home studio in Celje, Slovenia. Classes facilitated by Stephen Kelly and Mojca Majcen.

Yup! They had TONS of fun.  This video is too sweet for words!

June 19th - June 30th
Kabelwerks Theatre
Yup! The ADaPT Festival sprouted in Vienna this year and the plan is for it to be in Istanbul next year before bringing it home to the west coast in 2014.  

July - Paris, FRANCE  AFFINITY II & Educational Outreach

July 8th
studio Le Regard du Cygne
4:00 pm
ArtBark & Friends!

July 9th
The Museum Project - at the Lourve

July 22nd - Master Class with Nadar Rosano from Israel @ ARC Pasadena. 11:00 am. Reserve your space through eventbrite.

July 25th - Master Class with Nadar Rosano from Israel @ the Montecito School of Ballet. 9:45 am sign-in. Reserve your space through eventbrite.

SEPTEMBER - Santa Monica, CA

MixMatch Festival produced by Hart Pulse Dance Company
Miles Memorial Playhouse
September 1st and 2nd
September 1st @ 8:00 pm Joanna Nobbe and Misa Kelly performed Unzipped
September 2nd @ 2:00 pm Stephen Kelly's work Caravan was performed by Joanna Nobbe, Misa Kelly and Stephen Kelly. 

Pure bliss to be backstage and chat it up with old friends and new friends and even friends who live merely miles away you never see because of the intensity of juggling so many occupations and tasks as working class artists.   Double bliss to view the other works on the programs from the wings and the sleepover with giggles long into the night at Noelle of Rubans Rouge Dance Company's home.

October - Santa Barbara and Los Angeles

October 6th, 2012
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Santa Barbara Dance Alliance Dance Day
1-3 pm
ArtBarkers at improvisational play!

October 17th-21st
ArtBark International Festival
Affinity III
Companies from Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Salem
Please visit our project specific website