SonneBlauma is Santa Barbara's leading contemporary dance company.

They are in rehearsal 3-5 times a week in perpetual preparation for the next performance. 

Although SonneBlauma works with artists who spend a large chunk of their time working professionally with other companies the company is comprised in part of "working class" artists: those that earn that juggle professional gigs in one arena by day with company activities in the evenings, weekends, and during time off from their bread & butter gigs.  

SonneBlauma Company Members include:

Misa Kelly (Founder & Co-Artistic Director) works by day in a law firm answering phones.

Stephen Kelly (Co-Artistic Director) teaches piano

Wesley Ching is a full time property manager

Moska Majcen is a professional dancer that lives in Celje, Slovenia

Michelle Lynch works at Trader Joes

Tina Corbett works at the Santa Barbara Coffee Roasting Company

SB-ADaPT Festival Performers & Assistants:
Ali Angelopoulos (grade school teacher), Sarah Block (professional kid), Melissa Block (editor, author, yoga teacher), Kevin Deelen (student), Gina Garoogian (many different vocations!), Celeste Pearlman (massage therapist), Chris Rahlwes (house painter), Diana Replogle-Purinton (Jenny Craig consultant), Maya Shaw Gale (Hakomi Therapist), Kira Purinton & Zenzelé Yossem-Guy (professional kid)

SonneBlauma 2
Tess Brennan, Rebecca Crosbie, Kevin Deelen, Christopher DeJesus, Stephen Fambro, Rene Garcia, Alexandra Hodgson, Haley Mabery, James McMahan, Chanel Mickelson, Eboni Walker

Board Members
Kaita Lepore is a Pilates instructor at the Santa Barbara Athletic Club & serves on SonneBlauma's B.O.D.

Anaya Cullen works as a costumer for State Street Ballet and also serves on SonneBlauma's B.O.D.

Gerry Marr, our President, is a counselor for CALM.