Dance S.O.S. Center



In March of 2010 we launched the beginnings of our free online dance resource center, the Dance SOS Center, which is international in scope.  Our vision is for every city where dance and theater is alive to provide information about artist earnings, where to find studio space to rent, what classes are available, suitable theaters for producing shows, information about what agencies in that area fund dance, information on how to get the word out in your area.  Although the Center is designed for low and moderate income level artists struggling to get their work out into the world there is a section devoted to telling the stories of those who have made it to the top and now have fully funded companies.  Our first interview was with Robbie Barnett of Pilobolus.  This is an ongoing project that we whittle away at in the odd hours in between our other projects.  We'd LOVE to be able to receive funding to grow this project.

We temporarily closed the link for the site to give us time to rethink the structure, purpose, and intent of the resource.  We are thinking of turning it into a "wiki" sort of resource where anyone from anywhere can contribute to the process of information providing.