For a number of years we opened our Company Class to the community.  Presently due to our jam packed schedule this free community service is on hold.  Generally speaking we give ourselves a quick warm-up and launch right into the choreographic process generating new work & also spend time in performance preparation for upcoming gigs.  With that said, you are always welcome to call and see what we are up to (805) 569-0389.  

We'll take time out to do a simple warm-up with you and you can join in on whatever we happen to be working on in the moment. 

SonneBlauma is available to facilitate master classes & in-depth workshops.   Although honorariums are AWESOME we do have a community service educational outreach.  If your location is within commutable distances to Santa Barbara on Saturdays and also cities we visit when touring to perform book it!   Given our busy schedule we generally need to plan these events six months to a year in advance. 

Classes are facilitated by our Co-Artistic Director, Misa Kelly, as well as any company members that are available to co-facilitate the day of the class (or week of the workshop.)

The style is a hybrid style that is intuitively facilitated. That is to say, no two classes are alike.  Contingent on who is there, and their present needs, Kelly taps into the collective soul tapestry & uses her inner voice to intuit what needs to happen in the moment resulting in creating an inspiring experience.   Drawing from an extensive teaching vocabulary which includes: improvisation, release technique, pilates, yoga, partnering, contemporary dance, ballet, upside down work, floor work & choreographic games the class moves at a really fast clip. 

It is a non-stop flow without pause to illustrate what comes next.  Although the class flows through some traditional technique the focus is on nurturing the integrity of the identity of each individual artist.