Dragon's Egg Residency & Studio Showing


 ArtBark International at the Dragon’s Egg

 Ledyard, CT

             In Residence May 19-May 29
             Studio Showing of New Works & Repertory 
            Sunday May 26th

                         Photo by Barbara Parmet


  Date:                  Sunday May 26th, 2013

  Time:                  4:00 pm

  Cost:                    By donation – all proceeds benefit the Dragon’s Egg

  Location:         The Dragon’s Egg  401 Shewville Rd, Ledyard CT

ArtBark International is a collective of creative people from all walks of life with members of their community residing in different cities and countries. Through use of skype and the internet they move creative projects forwards and gather when windows of opportunity open to work intensely to realize their visions. They are incredibly grateful to the Dragon’s Egg for affording them the opportunity to meet on the physical plane at the Dragon’s Egg to gather as a community and create. Present at the residency will be Mojca Majcen from Celje, Slovenia; Misa and Stephen Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA, Trina Mannino from Brooklyn, NY, and Mariko Reynolds from Woodside, NY.
MORE ABOUT ARTBARK www.artbark.org


WHAT we will be working on at the Dragon’s Egg and what we would love to share with you!


NEW WORK: Recall is Never Replay 
Recall is Never Replay explores a couple's daily routine from each of their perspectives while revealing multiple variations of a single memory. The different recollections pose challenges for the couple, but eventually brings them closer together. Brooklyn based choreographer Trina Mannino has been setting a duet on the Kelly’s whose home base is in Santa Barbara CA. The trio will gather at the Dragon’s Egg to finish the duet which will premiere May 30th at the Center for Performance Research (CPR) as a part of the ArtBark International & Friends ADaPT Festival. www.adaptfest.com
NEW WORK: The Alma Karlin Project
Mojca Majcen and the Kelly’s are collaborating with Slovenian dramaturgist Marijan Pušavec on a new work based in part on the life of famed polygot, adventurer, author and world traveler Alma Karlin who spent many years in the city of Celje, Slovenia where both Mojca and Marijan have strong ties. Prior to arriving at the residency the artists have been giving each other creative tasks and working at their tasks as a means of developing material for the new work. At the Dragon’s Egg they will dive into the creative process with the intent to share the work in progress at CPR in Brooklyn, NY on May 30th.
Last performed at Le Regard Du Cygne in Paris, France Moki’s Wedding is solo set on award winning world class ballerina and contemporary dancer Mojca Majcen expresses what many in former Yugoslavia feel about the changes that occurred when the structure of the country dissolved. Mojca travelled to Santa Barbara in January 2012 to create with what was then SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre. While there, ArtBark International formed with her serving as a co-founder with the Kellys. In the course of three weeks 3 new works were created which Mojca contributing as a contemporary dancer: Moki’s Wedding, A Bao A Qu, and Falling and Flying. The work was performed in Santa Barbara, Pasadena, and in NYC in April 2012. Stephen Kelly toured to Celje, Slovenia in June 2012 to teach master classes to Slovenian youth and to also set a new work on Mojca Majcen. Misa Kelly met up with Mojca and Stephen in Vienna, AUSTRIA with New York ArtBarker Joanna Nobbe to share creative work at ContraMASS Galerie and Palais Kablewerks as a part of the 2012 RAW MATTERS ADaPT Special. The Kelly’s and Mojca then journeyed to Paris in July 2012 where they shared creative work at le Regard Du Cygne breaking ground for future Paris performances.
REFINING REPERTORY: Patchwork Chameleon 
Patchwork Chameleon premiered at the Green Space Blooms Festival in Queens, NY in April. The solo is set to a really intriguing score by Phillip A. Mergetroide. Phillip used found sound by Isa Topete. Isa has a rare condition called chromosome deletion 1Q. Her primary means of expression is comprised of abstract vocalizations, tones, percussion, and use of an electronic keyboard with gesture augmenting this expression. “She does not have words but responds to certain questions with her own signs for yes and no. She plays music, sings and matches tones around her, whether they are musical or mechanical, all of her waking hours” says her mother Ann Topete. What an honor to be creating with Isa!

While at the Dragon’s Egg the collective will also luxuriated in time to focus on developing new movement modalities, sketch, write, compose music , laugh and drink in the rich beauty and history of the region. Misa and Mariko will also set a life drawing score which will be danced for select visual artists participating in the 2013 ADAPT Festival at CPR. The live art created will be displayed for audience viewing fresh after its creation.

While in NYC for the Green Space Blooms Festival Misa reconnected with Regina and had a opportunity to view the work she shared in the Fest. Regina is coming out to CA for the west coast portion of the ADaPT Festival. The woman who dances the duet with her is not able to come and Misa will be using time at the Dragon's Egg to flesh out this role so that she and Regina can dance it together at Center Stage Theater in July.
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