Fancy Dancy Drink Special

Get your double shot of inspiration!  Forgo a fancy dancy drink this week and become an ArtBark International fiscal collaborator and co-creator!  For less than the cost of a fancy dancy drink we'll reward you with a double shot of inspiration! Link to a short video of Stephen, Mojca and a bunch of super happy kids in Celje Slovenia diggin' the cross-cultural exchange of an ArtBark International Educational Outreach Adventure!


ONE: click on photo above
TWO: donate $3 to our non-profit via paypal
THREE: when the process is complete click the yellow  RETURN TO DONATIONS COORDINATOR button and you'll go directly to your double shot of inspiration!  To make absolutely SURE that you get it we will also email you the link to your reward.  If you AREN'T satisfied - guess what, you are invited to come sit in our garden and we'll prepare you a fancy dancy drink ourselves! 

for those that need a visual... here is a screen shot of the page you'll end up at.  There is a visual of the button you need to click to get your double shot of inspiration.