2007 & 2006 SonneBlauma Events


Our Calendar 2007
1.0 World Premiere of Misa Kelly's 
"Lion's Fire" 

January 12th, 13th, & 14th
Center Stage Theatre
8:00 pm

Done! It was a tremendous event with the work enthusiastically received by the community.

Our audience:

"fresh & authentic & wild"

The Santa Barbara Independent

"surprisingly subtle choreography against feats of athleticism"

Yup...we done good! 



2.0 Holly Johnston - Master Class

Saturday February 3rd
Arts Alive! 12:00-2:00 pm 
1 N Calle Cesear Chavez

IT WAS AWESOME! Thank you Holly for coming up and giving so much. 



3.0 Alice Condodina - Master Class

Tuesday February 20th
A Master Class in Improvisation
Montecito School of Ballet 7:00-8:30 pm 
529 E. Gutierrez



4.0 Gerry Marr - Master Class

Tuesday March 20th
Montecito School of Ballet 7:00-8:30 pm 
529 E. Gutierrez
Gerry Marr taught an innovative restorative dance sequence called PHLOREWORK. Thank you Gerry! We hope to have you back soooon!



5.0 SonneBlauma - Master Class facilitated by company members Misa Kelly and Kaita Lepore

Saturday April 21, 2007 
Montecito School of Ballet 11:00-12:30 pm 
529 E. Gutierrez



Stephen Kelly in Concert : 4/21

Company Member Stephen Kelly performs piano masterworks by Bach, Chopin, Scarlatti, Ginastera, Kelly, and Debussy.

DATE: Saturday, April 21st
TIME: 4 p.m.
PLACE: Music Academy of the West, Lehmann           Hall.
COST: Tickets are $20 general, $10 students. INFO:  569-0389 for information.



SonneBlauma Master Class 
Led by Misa Kelly 
Sunday April 22, 2007 
Montecito School of Ballet 11:00-12:30 pm 
529 E. Gutierrez



Studio Showing: 5/15

Studio showing of works in progress. As many people as the space could hold came to the showing. The event was very well received with one audience member suggesting we do the event monthly. Lots of inspiration, lots of energy generated, and a great opportunity for us to connect with the community.



Stephanie Nugent Master Class: 5/19

Stephanie came out into the community to teach an inspiring contact improvisation master class! Big thank you sent your way Stephanie. Thanks for bringing you and your pregnant belly into our creative spaces!



Open Studio : 5/20

Date: Sunday May 20th 
Time: 7:30-8:30 pm
Place: Montecito School of Ballet
529 E. Gutierrez

SonneBlauma hosted an open studio of works in progress to a full house. It was a fantastic evening that begin with the audience meandering in while Misa facilitated the company class. She particularly enjoyed chatting and joking with the audience while engaged in class. Phil played some Bach preludes on his unicycle (thanks Phil!) to gather and focus the audience's attention. After introductions the company passionately finished its program. As with the first night of our Open Studio the event was enthusiastically received with the snacks going fast. Misa's seven layer bars were a big hit!!



Budhi, Steve, and Ray: 5/25
Circle of Chi: From Chopin to Senegal
"From Chopin to Senegal" features percussionist Budhi Harlow, violist Ray Tischer, and pianist Stephen Kelly in both original and traditional classical music of Europe and Africa. Friday, May 25th, 8 p.m., at the Music Academy of the West, Lehmann Hall. Tickets are $15 in advance, or $18 at the door. Call 966-4604 or 569-0389 for tickets and information. Presented in collaboration with members of Panzumo, and the SonneBlauma Dancz Theatre.



Susan Gingrasso Master Class: 6/3 
Montecito School of Ballet 6:15-8:00
Susan took time out from her world travels to spend time with SonneBlauma and friends sharing her wealth of knowledge about the language of dance. For adding yet another set of tools to our choreographic toolkit we thank you! If you missed this event, we're sorry to say, you missed out.





Monterey Dance Festival 
Choreographers Showcase: 
July 29, 2007 
5:00 pm
SpectorDance Studio: 3343 Paul Davis Drive in Marina 
Call 384-1050 for information

World Premiere of Misa Kelly's "Le Jardin Bleu". Performances by Kaita Lepore and Gwenna Devries. Sound score by Stephen Kelly. The event is to be held at 8:00 pm at SpectorDance





Sunday August 5th, 2007: Carol Ann Manzi

Internationally acclaimed soprano Carol Ann Manzi will lead a master class in the color of sound and movement. Carol Ann Manzi intends to take students someplace new by teaching them how to tap into their vast palette of choices. Choices that will richen their lives as well as the lives of future audiences by informing their creative processes. In this master class students will explore breathing techniques, vocal warm-ups, and sound and movement color variation. Time will be set aside for a Q&A. No previous experience required. $20 suggested donation. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 569-0389 or sonneblauma@hotmail.com for information.

Particulars: at the Montecito School of Ballet on August 6th at 6:30 pm. By donation - free to those in need. Suggested donation is $20. Free to those in need!!




September 11, 2007: Christina Tague will teach a master class in Shinui.

Shinui Martial Dance is an evolution and synthesis of dance, movement, martial and spiritual arts. Shinui is a dance form, which naturally is about movement, about self-expression and about the joy of being in ones body but it is also about learning to know oneself and how to be in relationship with a partner and with a group. By using the dance as a conscious exploration, Shinui provides an opportunity to examine ones expression of self and the dynamic which emerges from the meeting of two individuals. It is practice centered on the art of meeting and relationship.

Shinui brings together elements of modern dance, marital arts as well as body-work methods such as Feldenkrais. The influences of these arts upon each other resulted in the softening of the marital techniques, making their applications more creative and open for exploration and gave the dance an organizational intention. Similar to Tai Chi Chuan and Aikido, Shinui Martial dance is an inner practice emphasizing self awareness. 

Particulars: at the Montecito School of Ballet on September 11th at 6:30 pm. Suggested donation is $20. Free to those in need!!




MUDDY WATERS: November 2007 

Company members Molly, Misa, and Kaita have visual art up at the Muddy Waters cafe for the month of November! Drop on by, order your favorite coffee drink, and enjoy the display. All proceeds from the sale of Misa's work will be donated to SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre. The opening is November 17th beginning at 6:00 pm. SonneBlauma will perform an improvisation at 8:00 pm. Closing out the evening will be company member Phil Taylor performing with his band OSO.

Address: 508 East Haley St. Santa Barbara CA
GET INFO: (805) 569-0389



17.0 Istanbul Exchange
SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre & Joanna Nobbe: December 1st & 2nd 

Dates: December 1st & 2nd 
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: 529 E. Gutierrez, Santa Barbara CA
GET INFO: (805) 569-0389

Joanna Nobbe joins SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre for an evening of evocative contemporary dance exchange. Joanna Nobbe, former Santa Barbara resident, has been living in Istanbul for the past year and a half. While returning for a visit she will be sharing with our community works created while living abroad. SonneBlauma will be presenting two works from its repertory, Nadar Sabe en El Agua Fria and Gypsy dreams choreographed by Misa Kelly. Additionally SonneBlauma will present a new work "Le Jardin Bleu" also choreographed by Misa Kelly which was inspired, in part, by the life of Meena (founder of RAWA). In addition to completed works the artists will perform an improvisation. As a part of the exchange SonneBlauma will travel to Istanbul in September of 2008 to teach and perform!



18.0MASTER CLASS: December 4th 
Yamuna Body Rolling

Company member Megwyn leads a session in Yamuna body rolling. For those serious about transforming your body quickly this is N O T to be missed.

Date: Tuesday December 4th 
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: 529 E. Gutierrez, Santa Barbara CA
GET INFO: (805) 569-0389



EVENTS of 2006

We invite you to celebrate with us our accomplishments of 2006. To be honest, all while we've held full time jobs in other vocations. Talk about hard core!

1.0 New Works @ Center Stage Theatre - 
January 2006 - done! Fabulous event 
January 27, 28 & 29, 2006
World Premiere of Twang
Choreography: Misa Kelly 
Costumes: Anaya Cullen 
Music Mix: Stephen Kelly 
Performance: Colleen Bialas, Anaya Cullen, Devyn Duex, Misa Kelly, Joanna Nobbe

2.0 Rhapsodies for Humanity & the Glorious Beings Award April 14, 2006 Our first Annual Benefit Concert honoring Robert Muller and Barbara Gaughen Muller; a brilliant success.

3.0 Monterey Dance Festival - May 2006 
SonneBlauma traveled to Monterey to participate in the Monterey Dance Fest. Performance of "Twang" at Spector Dance on May 22nd. Thank you Fran Atkins & Spector Dance for the honor and privilege of participating in this awesome event.

4.0 Downtime & Our Newsletter June - July 2006 We slowed our process down a bit to self-reflect and create our Sizzle Summer 2006 newsletter. Wow! A labor of love and then some.

5.0 Auditions - August 2006 We had a fabulous response to our audition on August 8th. Welcome our 2006-2007 company members: Anaya, Natalie, Phil, Apricot, Marcos, Tariel, Stephen, & Misa

6.0 MASTER CLASS: Danah Bella - August 1, 2006

Mixed Level Master Class led by Danah Bella
Met with a high level of success and appreciation! A gifted, inspiring, and passionate artist!

7.0 MASTER CLASS: Gerry Marr - August 15, 2006

PHLOREWORK™: We are planning on bringing this out quarterly. Deep & profound, Gerry Marr is one of a brilliant kind in this department.DESCRIPTION: Gerry Marr, on faculty with SonneBlauma, was involved for many years with Stephanie Gilliland’s community (TONGUE dance company). He is highly aware of the restorative needs of dancers, performance athletes actively engaged in risk-taking, athletic, & acrobatic choreography. Gerry has developed a unique, restorative, duet body work sequence called PHLOREWORK ™. PHLOREWORK is based on the principles of Breema body work and incorporates polarity massage techniques. Gerry practices Breema, is a master polarity massage therapist, and instructor. a restorative movement technique based upon Breema body work principles. $20 suggested donation – scholarships available to those in need. Proceeds go towards keeping our Master Class series alive and addition of new classes. 529 E. Gutierrez. Call (805) 569-0389.

8.0 WORKSHOP: One Day Dances - August 2006

DATE: SATURDAY AUGUST 26, 2006 DONE!! It was awesome! We'll be bringing this workshop back to the community!

The blip: One Day Dances - presented by The Future Traditions Foundation & SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre. Create and perform a dance in a day – all levels. Started with breakfast and ended with a potluck cast party in the home of a local artist. $50 suggested donation. Call (805) 569-0389.

DESCRIPTION: In interest of being true to our desire to UNFRAME ART we share nuggets from our week long workshop “The Eight Limbs of Dancing,” with our community on 26th! Come explore the dance-making process with members of SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre with One Day Dances, open to all levels of experience. One Day Dances begin with a complimentary breakfast, dialog, rhythm games, & vocal warm-ups at an artist's home. Next we travel to a local thrift shop to purchase impromptu costumes followed by warm-up in an open space, improvisation and rhythm games. Pulling from these games Misa leads the group in creating choreographic material. As a group we travel to an outside venue to perform the work in a public venue. One Day Dances conclude with a potluck “cast party.” Are you reading this? Have you always wanted to experience the dance making process? Interested in working with the company? This one's for YOU!!! Phone (805) 569-0389. $50 suggested donation.

9.0 "GET INSPIRED" - September 2006

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 2, 2006 : GET INSPIRED: DONE! Tremendous success with some gracious 
and generous support from Joe Woodard. Preview articles of great integrity appeared in the Santa Barbara Newspress on September 1st & the Santa Barbara Independenton August 31st.

10.0 "Chopin to Senegal " September 2006

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 16th, 2006 DONE! It was awesome!!! Where is the CD they ask. Blending 
classics with classics to generate new classics. Certain to pass the test of time!!


11.0 YOGALISIOUS September & October 2006

Yogaliscious (TM) - presented by The Future Traditions Foundation. A six week seminar.

Proceeds go towards keeping the resource alive and addition of new classes.

TIME: Saturdays 11:00 -12:30 @ Montecito School of Ballet. 529 E Gutierrez St. Call (805) 569-0389 for information.

DATES: September 9, 16, 23, 30 & October 7 & 14.

COST: $60 suggested donation for series of 6. $15 suggested donation for drop ins.

DESCRIPTION: developed by Misa Kelly from a lifetime of study with movement and art educators. Yogaliscious™ is a fluid style of movement that incorporates floordance, vocalization, meridian activation, visualization, breathing, and multi-genre, multi-dimensional dance. Yogaliscious™ is designed to warm and open the body, stimulate the energy centers and vital organs, center, ground and connect the body-mind-spirit-soul. What sets Yogaliscious™ apart? The class is taught based on “intuitive process” and focuses on fostering awareness of each human being’s personal “bodytalk.” Additionally, Yogaliscious facilitates group interconnectedness developing an awareness of chords of integrity that weave humanity together as one in relation to all expressions of life AND we have fun!


Date: Tuesday October 17, 2006 
Time: 6:15-8:15 
Place: 529 E. Gutierrez Santa Barbara, CA 
Contact: (805) 569-0389
Cost: $20 suggested donation. Free to those in need Proceeds go towards keeping our Master Class series alive and addition of new classes.

ABOUT OUR MASTER CLASS SERIES : I have (Misa) discovered that there is a whole world of dancers and artists that train and grow outside the realm of an academic setting. Yet, within academia there is a host of BRILLIANT masters. As a community service these artists are coming out into the community to share with us their special gifts and insights. Check back for information about master classes with Nancy Colohan and Holly Johnston.

13.0 Hard Core SonneBlauma Style of Danscz - presented by The Future Traditions Foundation.

TIME: Tuesdays 6:30-9:30

DATES: Months of August, September, February, March, June & July

PLACE: Montecito School of Ballet, 529 E Gutierrez St. Call (805) 569-0389 for information.

DESCRIPTION: Join us in our "process." This is our company class/rehearsal process. The first portion of class is a mixed level. As the class progresses it becomes more advanced. We encourage people to come and do as much as they can! The style is 100% dance unique in that it is an "intuited" process that draws from an extensive movement vocabulary. That means, when you come and engage, we are sensitive to who you are in time and space in an interconnected realm. What you bring to the moment informs what emerges in the experience. Our emphasis? You are absolutely perfect where you are in the moment...when you leave class...you will be just that much different, all that more aware. Presently we are engaged in workshoping a new work so expect to not only dance & move, but participate in the choreographic process.

14.0 MASTER CLASS With SUSAN GINGRASSO, CMA, Language of Dance ® Specialist. 
Date: Tuesday October 31, 2006 
Time: 6:15-8:15 
Place: 529 E. Gutierrez Santa Barbara, CA 
Contact: (805) 569-0389
Cost: $20 suggested donation. Free to those in need Proceeds go towards keeping our Master Class series alive and addition of new classes.

ABOUT OUR MASTER CLASS SERIES : I have (Misa) discovered that there is a whole world of dancers and artists that train and grow outside the realm of an academic setting. Yet, within academia there is a host of BRILLIANT masters. As a community service these artists are coming out into the community to share with us their special gifts and insights. Check back for information about master classes with Nancy Colohan and Holly Johnston.

15.0 From Chopin to Senegal 
Date: Saturday November 11th, 2006
Time: 8:00 pm 
Place: Music Academy of the West 
Contact: (805) 569-0389
Cost: $18 general $16 students & seniors.
ABOUT: More Information coming soon! Stephen Kelly (piano) and Budhi Harlow (percussion.) Classical piano, classical Sengalese percussion, & nascent classics.


Date: Saturdays of October 21, 28: November 4, 11, 18: December 2, 9, 16 
Time: 11:00-12:30
Place: 529 E. Gutierrez Santa Barbara, CA 
Contact: (805) 569-0389
Cost: $20 suggested donation. Free to those in need! 
About: Restoraliscious is a continuation of our breaking down SonneBlauma philosophy and style movement. This sequence focuses on the restorative and healing qualities of movement as well as mediation and council circle. Our work is founded an ever evolving sensibility, inspired by the eight limbs of yoga called "The Eight Limbs of Dancing" 
· The Flow of Life: Asana in the Body Intellect, The Layers of Living, The Interconnected Body/Mind/Soul/Spirit/Energy/Emotion/Dream/ Ethic/ Journey 
· The Breath of Life: Pranayama: G-d is Breath, and Breath is Life, and When There is No Breath, There is No Life
· The “Now” of Life: Dharana: Presence in all expressions of one’s manifestation. These are the Good Ol’ Days
· The Meditation of Life: Dhyana: Singular Focus Within the “Who”, Grounding the Practice, Activating the Core Of Living
· The Practice of Life: Niyama: The moral/ethical/spiritual precepts that inform the individual path of most growth through the purple layers of onion
· The Community of Life: Yama: Passionate Pursuit of a Profound Sense of Life Purpose, Choosing the Yama that Honors the Purpose. Fostering Respect/Appreciation/Gratitutde For All Expressions of Life
· The Joy of Life: Samadhi: Heaven on Earth
· The Rainbow of Life: Pressing Against Edges, Expanding into Places of Mystery, Embracing the Totality of the Human Experience, The Land of The New, Catharisis, Change

17.0 Danah Bella Master Class 
Date: Tuesday December 26th 
Time: 6:15 pm 
Place: Montecito School of Ballet 
Cost: $20 suggested donation. 
Contact: Please call (805) 569-0389 for information.