2009 - 2008 SonneBlauma Events


It was supposed to be a year of rest primarily focusing on generating new work to take out into the world in 2010. It was anything but! Managed to get out of town and jetted down to MAX10 in Venice Beach. Lots of happenings locally. Branched out into more experimental work. Welcomed a new company photographer, Jim Boyden. Ecstatic to revive a piece of theatrical repertoire "My Cat Thomas" with the choice find of Michaun Barner. SonneBlauma Collaborators in 2009 were: Michaun Barner, Melissa Block, Misa & Stephen Kelly, Joanna Nobbe, Monica Robles, & Jacque Wiley. New works created include Misa's two duets "Grit" & "Under No Certain Circumstances" created in collaboration with Melissa Block, Misa's solo "Ranunculus" with Erika Kloumann and Hannah Oberheimer-Smith contributing to the process, and Stephen Kelly's "Lucky Ducks." Special thanks to Roger Bradley, Cay Fitzgerald, DBA Energy Essentials, Howard Glasser, Kaita Lepore, Christopher & Michelle Kelly, Sharyn Namath, the Rudi Schulte Family Foundation & Christiane Schlumberger for their kind and generous patronage. Without there support much of the following just wouldn't have happened! Bravo and Brava!

January 9, 10,11:
SBDA New Works concert

February 1:
Company Auditions

April 5:
Master Class: Gerry Marr PHLOREWORK™

June 20th:
Studio Showing with Jessica Chen

July 6th:
Electric Lodge: MAX 10

July 19th:
"Weston"- SB Museum of Art

September 3rd:
"First Thursdays" - SB Museum of Art

September 26th:
NECTAR: Love & War @ Yoga Soup

October 4th:
Dance at the Top of the Hill

November 21st:
NECTAR: Heroes; Stories of Transformation @ Yoga Soup


Big year for us. We had our first mini-California tour, became international travelling to Istanbul to teach and perform, & had our first college gig at Moorpark College. 2008 SonneBlauma collaborators were: Anaya Cullen, Misa & Stephen Kelly, Kaita Lepore, Erika Kloumann, Kerstin Stuart & dancers, Louie Cornejo & dancers, Sinan Temizalp/Meditatif Dance, çati Dance Community, Robert Salas & Beth McGill of Moorpark College.

January 11, 12, 13:
SBDA New Works concert - Santa Barbara

April 5th :
3 Cities 3 Choreographers - Los Angeles

April 18th:
3 Cities 3 Choreographers - Pacific Grove

April 19th:
3 Cities 3 Choreographers - Santa Cruz

May 25th:
3 Cities 3 Choreographers - Santa Barbara

June 15th: Company Auditions

Summer Workshop: Amythyst Fritzler

Summer Workshop: Joanna Nobbe

September 21st: Studio Showing

September 27th:
Meditatif Dance: 2 Cities 2 Choreographers - Istanbul

September 28th - October 3rd:
Çati Workshop - Istanbul

November 20th-23rd:
Moorpark College - Moorpark

November 25th:
Master Class: Matt Nelson

December 16th:
SonneBlauma Holiday Fundraising Performance Party