December 10th, 2010 NECTAR: Grief

NECTAR: Grief - December 4th, 2010 @ Yoga Soup

@ Yoga Soup
28 Parker Way, Santa Barbara December 4th, 2010
8:00 pm

Misa's new solo, Whisk, was REALLY well received by the community.  Misa is a bit bummed that she didn't go with her costuming intuition.  She was way too pooped to revamp the Trader Joe's Shopping bag concept and chose to go for the easy way out choosing something that she simply would like to dance in. SO grateful that Melissa happened to bring a white sports bra with spaghetti straps because Misa planned to wear a lavendar bandeau top under a lace blouse that HAD fit before.  She hadn't had time to run the work in the costume and when marking the piece prior to the show it became evident it wasn't going to stay up. 

Stephen, Misa, and Ray's Elegy for a Clown was also well received and Misa is particularly grateful that she pushed through the fear to follow through and put it out there.  Generally SonneBlauma doesn't show work outside a studio showing setting unless it is REALLY REALLY REALLY well rehearsed and super right.  When Stephen indicated to Cybil that he didn't think the work would be ready in time she encouraged us to go for stressing that NECTAR is the place to experiment and try new things.  As all things do it came together in the end - and now - Misa wants to do more of this type of work!

Stephen, Misa, and Ray will be performing their collaborative creation "Elegy for a Clown" and Misa will be performing Whisk. 

Seating is mostly on cushions or the hardwood floor.    If you want a chair I'd suggest getting there a bit early.

Here is the Santa Barbara Independent's event description.

Description: "Event highlighting the work of Hospice of S.B. and over 30 local professional artists reflecting on personal, community, and global grief/loss. The show will include dance performances, music, theater, spoken word poetry, and performance/installation/visual art.

Performers include dancers Robin Bisio, Melissa Block, Lila Dodge, Monica Ford, Misa Kelly, Tracy Kofford, Kaita Lepore, musicians Valarie Mulberry and The Threshold Choir, theater/spoken word actors Eddie Ellner, Jenn McCandless, Elizabeth Schwyzer, Justine Sutton, and performance artist Kendall Pata. There will also be a memory wall and an opportunity to purchase and hang an ornament for a loved one at the event. All proceeds for the ornaments will benefit Hospice of S.B.

NECTAR is a professional artist forum highlighting relevant social themes in arts and education. It occurs quarterly and invites artists to create a different theme in a specific medium. NECTAR shows partner with local organizations aligned with the chosen theme."