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How Far Ahead?

We plan our seasons a year ahead of time and arrange travel during our respective vacation time with our bread and butter gigs.  In other words, it takes a bit of planning.  If it is a long weekend commitment usually it isn't a problem.  If it is on a weekend commutable distance to Santa Barbara with tech and performances both happening on a Saturday/Sunday, we can be ready to go with active repertory in a heart beat!  If you have a last minute cancellation in a group show on a weekend we can generally be there in a heartbeat in that we always have repertory alive and rarin' to go.

Dances that are performance ready are:

Whisk (9:30 - solo)

Ranunculus (8:30 - solo)

Dances that we need 3 weeks to prepare:

Under No Certain Circumstances (8:30 - duet)
Grit (8:30 - duet) can be ready to go in 4 weeks