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GIFT Magazine, Austrian Theater Magazine 
Austria meets California at Raw Matters Adapt Special - pages 34-35
Article pertaining to the second in the ADaPT Fest series which sprouted in Vienna, Austria. We are presented as a part of the "alternative scene" next to an article about ImPulsTantz

Cal Arts Alumni Magazine Artist Profile of Misa Kelly By Freddie Sharmini

Santa Barbara Independent
Dance Festival of the Week: Affinity III 
Annual Event Promotes Artistic Collaboration
preview by Elizabeth Schwyzer

Santa Barbara Independent
Affinity III, at Various Locations 
Mini Dance Festival Brought Artists Together from Across U.S.
Review by Elizabeth Schwyzer

Santa Barbara News Press
ON STAGE: The Lab of Collaboration - Art Bark's Affinity Fest Is the Soul of Artistic Sharing 
Preview by Ted Mills
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Santa Barbara News Press
Affinity: SB-ADaPT Fest Sprouts
ONSTAGE: Sayonara SonneBlauma, Hello ArtBark - Co-Artistic Directors Misa and Stephen Kelly are mellowing a little, but don't expect them to retire from a life in the arts anytime soon
By Dan Kepl
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"Last year, SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre co-founders Misa and Stephen Kelly, had an idea: send an email to the world, inviting dance and physical theater artists to come to Santa Barbara — at their own expense — for what was dubbed A Dance and Physical Theatre (ADaPT) Festival. Never underestimate the power of the internet, or the nearly indefatigable energy of the Kellys, nor the impression our little paradise on the Pacific has on the outside world. Last year's ADaPT Fest was huge, drawing artists from throughout the U.S. and Europe to Santa Barbara for several shows at various venues around town"

Santa Barbara Independent
A Review of SonneBlauma’s Final Show 
Review by Elizabeth Schwyzer

Santa Barbara Independent
Affinity: SB-ADaPT Fest Sprouts
Preview by Elizabeth Schwyzer


Santa Barbara Independent
SB-ADaPT Festival at Center Stage Theater 
Dance Meets Physical Theater from All Over on Sunday, June 19
Review by Charles Donelon
"The inaugural SB-ADaPT Festival took over Center Stage Theater last weekend with two full programs—Alpha and Omega—that brought together dance and physical theater companies from as far away as Istanbul and as close by as Long Beach to create a magical atmosphere of excitement and aesthetic adventure. Organized in a thoroughly grassroots manner by dancer/choreographer Misa Kelly, SB-ADaPT contributed not only a beautifully executed set of programs to the community but also an example of how much can be accomplished on a small budget by like-minded artists willing to take chances and engage in genuine international exchange."

Santa Barbara Independent 
Experimental Artists Converge on Santa Barbara
Preview by Elizabeth Schwyzer!

Santa Barbara News-Press
Cover of Scene Magazine
ART and its ADaPTations
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Santa Barbara News Press
ONSTAGE : Meeting at the Center - SB-ADaPT Festival celebrates movement and emerging genres in its second weekend and emerging genres in its second weekend 
Preview by Daniel Kepl 
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3 Cities: 3 Choreographers Project 
Three California Choreographers Collaborate, Strength in Numbers - by Elizabeth Schwyzer (Independent)

Getting three for one: Delightful selection of choreographer's recent works 
"The evening was like a good mixed tape made by a friend who wants to turn you on to the newest in new. Consider that mission accomplished."

3 Cities: 3 Choreographers - by Rebecca Joley (LA Yoga) 
"Kelly’s pieces – especially Nadar Sabe Mi Llama el Agua Fria – explored the coexistence of athletic genius and disability in the same body, while maintaining an insistence on aesthetic appeal." 

"Beneath the hot stage lights, 11 dancers march in unison. They wear knee pads and bike shorts. One girl sports a short kilt. A boy wears a white dress shirt unbuttoned; a skinny red tie hangs from his bare neck. Bright paint streaks their faces, and as they march, they confront the audience, chanting: “Taka taka taka taka!”
A slender young man breaks away from the group. In a lacy blouse and white gloves, he’s gorgeous and ghostly, his poses suggesting feminine seduction. A moment later, he’s whisked back into the tribe.
The dance is “Flint,” created by Misa Kelly for a group of Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) dance students, and it represents a shift for the Dance Alliance’s annual showcase. In its new incarnation asKinesis, the showcase formerly known as New Works aims to include a broader swath of the community’s dancers and choreographers. This year marks the first time SBCC students have been able to take part, as well as the first time Kelly has set work on them, and the result was electric."

The Fourth Annual Mix-Match Festival - by Steven Woodruff (Dance Plug) 
"Here are some of the (festival) highlights...Kelly, a woman slight in stature, proved an overwhelming and formidable presence on stage in her work which used her own vocalizations in a psychological journey. In the end she retreats into blackness with a series of looming balances. It was slightly terrifying." 

Dancing Out Loud - by Justine Sutton (Noozhawk) 
"Misa Kelly choreographed and performed “Ranunculus,” a solo set to a mix of eclectic music and vocalizations. 
Kelly is clearly a highly-trained and accomplished dancer, and yet unlike many, she is also capable of projecting great expression. Between frenzied moments of leaping and tossing her body about wildly while making guttural sounds in her throat, she would pause and give the audience such an arch look over her shoulder that the texture of the piece immediately deepened.  Some dance tells a story, some is abstract. This piece seems to present an abstract story, dreamlike — but one of those odd dreams where lots of strange, disjointed things happen and you’re afraid if you tell anyone about it, you might sound kind of crazy. Perhaps it is an embodiment of the subconscious mind, with all its twists and turns. At once tragic and heroic, innocent and all-knowing, the persona Kelly presented here was as fascinating as the piece was gorgeously multilayered."
MixMatch Festiva1 2011 
Under No Certain Circumstances
"An Audience Favorite"
Barbara Ransom