Joanna (East Coast)

Photo by Misa Kelly

Joanna Nobbe is pursuing her interest in humanity through movement as an artist, academic, and future physical therapist. She is currently at Hunter College pursuing her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner. Outside of school, Joanna teaches yoga and Feldenkrais to community elders, moms-to-be, and other beautiful people. Joanna also carves out a space for her own creative work: she is a currently member of the Marcos Duran Performance Group based in New York and ArtBark International, an international collective of radical artists committed to a mutually supportive art culture - a community she has been creating with since 2005.  Joanna's artistic objective is to weave artistic expression into the fabric of daily life through self exploration and expression, creative spontaneous interaction with others, and other daily acts of undocumented art.

Press Quotes

"vulnerable and riotously funny" 
Elizabeth Schwyzer - the Independent