Minty: 2013

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ArtBark International presents MINTY
ArtBark International continues the process of building international arts community with a showing of fresh dance & physical theater in intimate and informal settings. The showings will occured in 3 different cities, and 2 countries - all on the same day.  The Kelly's are taking a year off from producing anything, but plan for another installment of Minty in 2014.

Santa Barbara Independent
Art Bark International Presents Minty
Fresh Dance and Physical Theater Come to Yoga Soup
Published: Thursday October 31, 2013

November 3rd, 2013. 
EUROPE - Celje, Slovenia
    Dance Theater IGEN Studios @ 4:00 pm
    Hosted by Mojca Majcen presenting with Marijan Pušavec about the Alma Karlin Project
USA - New York 
    DANY STUDIOS @ 4:00 pm 
    Hosted by Trina Mannino representing ArtBark International welcoming Barbara Mahler, B3W Performance Group, Circuit Debris, Kristin Hatleberg and Reject Dance Theatre
USA - Santa Barbara
    YOGA SOUP @ 2:00 pm
    Hosted by Stephen and Misa Kelly welcoming  BodySensate, Hidden Entropy Movement Project, MAKEDance,      Nicole McKenzie Improv Group, Watson Dance and Visual Artists Bob Mask, Leon Olson (tentative) with  Music by Valarie Mulberry

Celje, Slovenia - Lat: 46.239749 Long: 15.267706 
Dance Theater IGEN Studios 
Šaranovičeva ulica 2a, Celje 
4:00 pm 
By love offering – offer what you can 

Mojca Majcen (dancer) and Marijan Pušavec (dramaturgist) will share film, spoken word, and dance as it pertains to ArtBark International’s Alma Karlin project. The community is presently developing an evening length work using residencies and their distinctive skype/youtube/email rehearsal process to generate the work. The intention is to share this evening length work in Slovenia in 2015. American ArtBarkers involved in the project include Misa and Stephen Kelly (California) and Trina Mannino (New York).

CONTACT: Mojca Majcen @ for more info!

New York - Lat: 40.650000 Long: -73.950000 
305 West 38th Street 
4:00 pm - EST
By love offering – offer what you can 
CONTACT: Trina Mannino @ for more info! 

Participating Artists: 
ArtBark International, Barbara Mahler, B3W Performance Group, Circuit Debris, Kristin Hatleberg, Reject Dance Theatre.

Description of the work the NY community will be offering:

Barbara Mahler connected with Misa while in Santa Barbara for the ADaPT Festival and the two decided then and there to work together on a duet. Barbara will share the five minute solo which will be the foundation of the duet which is a study built on the foundation of gesture. 

Trina Mannino of ArtBark International will show a work in progress solo being developed for the Alma Karlin Project developed via their skype/youtube/email rehearsal process. Misa Kelly has been working with imagery from the author's book "the Odyssey of a Lonely Woman" and transposing it into short haiku form with improvisational direction for Trina Mannino to work from. 

Circuit Debris is presenting a group work in progress that she has been developing primarily through structured improvisation with the dancers, titled Dissonance. Dissonance explores a perverse position: that the sense of despair I associate with my native Bosnia and Herzegovina is fertile ground for the extreme joy expressed in the region’s art. The work expresses the relationship between despair and joy and the contradictions of being human. 

Reject Dance Theatre is in the process of creating an original evening length work called “The Territory Suites.” The work will consist of smaller dances/vignettes all centered around the idea of “territory” and what that means to each of the three artistic directors/choreographers, Stephanie, Rebecca, and Stephen. Rebecca’s section will explore territory as it relates to animals and occupying a state of otherness. Stephanie’s section will explore territory as it relates to the human body and psyche. Stephen’s section, which will not be part of the showing, will explore territory as it relates to gender and sexuality. Both Stephanie and Rebecca will have small sections of their pieces to show, - no longer than 4 minutes each.

Santa Barbara - Lat: 34.420831 Long: -119.698190 
28 Parker Way 
2:00 pm - PST
FREE (with a donation bowl set out for those who would like to make a love offering)

CONTACT: Misa Kelly at weloveartbark"at" 
Participating Artists
Dance and Physical Theater
ArtBark International, BodySensate, Hidden Entropy Movement Project, MAKEDance, Nicole McKenzie Improv Group, Watson Dance
Visual Artists
Bob Mask, Leon Olson (tentative)

Description of the event:
Join us for an afternoon of fresh expression.  Each group will give an "elevator speech" introduction of who they are, what resources they have to offer, and where they are headed and then share a bit of their creative work. The majority of the work will be work - in - progress work with a few completed works in the mix.   

Amongst participating artists ArtBark International welcomes two new Santa Barbara based dance companies to the community: BodySensate and the Nicole McKenzie Improv Group! 

Also - keeping the connection alive between Santa Barbara and SoCal 3 companies who have yet to share work in the Santa Barbara community will journey to Yoga Soup to share their work. 

Hidden Entropy Movement Project led by Rochelle Guardado will share a work for 6 dancers that explores introspective motivations for movement.  
Watson Dance led by Irene Watson will offer up a sumptuous contemporary dance work "Ladies in Waiting."   The Kellys encountered this work while at the MixMatch Festival in August and knew immediately they wanted to find a way to share the work with Santa Barbara audiences. 
Melanie King McGray of MAKEDance will share an excerpt of her 15 minute work Le Terrior which examines our ideas of home and the connections or disconnections we have with places and spaces that make us want to stay and root down, leave, feel comfortable in or create a feeling of stability/ instability.  

ArtBark International offerings will be a section performed by Misa Kelly and Cecily Stewart related to ArtBark's Alma Karlin Project.  Mojca Majcen will have performed Cecily Stewart's part in Slovenia in Celje solo.  The collective will also share work in progress phrases and sections for new work being developed for their 2014 season performed by the local inter-generational ArtBark collective.