Mission, Vision, Values

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has morphed into ArtBark International

Mojca Majcen in rehearsal for Moki's Wedding. Photo by Kathee Miller

Our Mission:
We use innovative artistic leadership to harness global artistic resources fostering regional, national, international pathways of opportunity for artists nurturing cross-cultural exchange, increased arts tourism & artistic excellence.

Our Values:

We seek to be the change we wish to see in the world harnessing our life work as artists fostering tolerance, and mutual understanding between individuals and across nations through the arts. Our values grow and evolve as we grow and evolve.

ArtBark International builds on our 15 years experience as SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre (founded by Misa Kelly), the 25 years of  experience of Stephen Kelly Music, and the over 10 years experience of Europe based ballerina and contemporary dancer Mojca Majcen. Collectively they have manifest over 150 projects with a high level of success and critical acclaim. 

ArtBark is not just a dance company. It's an intergenerational (and inter-species) collective made up of dancers, choreographers, actors, musicians, visual artists, and writers. Many of us straddle multiple disciplines. Some of us have decades of experience and training in our disciplines, and when we come to do this work together, we get to express and share that experience as well as learn and play with disciplines and media that are new to us. 

We come together to make art not just for art's sake, but to build community. When we come together to create, we build relationships with one another. In these relationships, we feel seen, heard and valued. We come to trust one another as we take risks and rev our creative engines. We support each other as artists and as human beings--because no artistic process can move forward even an inch without individual heart, soul and mind investment. In playing and working together, we build social capital, a term that describes the value of the networks of relationships among people. 

Social capital is just like economic capital: it has value, it can be accrued and spent, and when it's short, negative impact results. Over the past half century, social capital has become a far more rare commodity in Western nations where emphasis and value are placed on competition, materialism and entertainment. Where sharing, caring, mutual support, empathy, and creative expression are lacking, so is social capital. And a growing body of research finds that low social capital correlates strongly with poor psychological and physical health. 

ArtBark's mission is, in part, about unplugging from social media, digital entertainment and the culture of consumerism, and about celebrating the gifts each person brings just by being their creative selves. By coming together to build art, and by welcoming others to view and participate in it, we don't just have temporary enjoyment. We promote a healthier culture and healthier bodies, minds and hearts. From that place, we can become forces for healing for the entire planet. 

Our present activities embrace innovative ways of organizing that serve to shift the paradigm of how professional artists organize and how success is measured staying abreast of how the arts industry is evolving via our ADaPT Festival Series, the Affinity Project, and our Community and Educational Outreach Programs. 

We make positive use of the power of the internet using skype,  dropbox, and YouTube for project planning, networking, rehearsals & are beginning to integrate it into our performances. 

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