Mojca Majcen

Mojca Majcen - dancer
Photo of Mojca in "Moki's Wedding" by Kathee Miller.

Mojca Majcen is a dancer and ballerina, who started to dance as a young girl. In 1998 she graduated with honors from the National Ballet Conservatory Maribor. During her educational period she danced several classical ballets in the Slovenian National Theatre Maribor. After graduation she continued her dance education abroad (Budapest, St. Petersburg, Scotland, Vienna, Netherlands). In 2000, she joined Dance Theatre Igen, where she focused on modern dance techniques and its integration with the theater. In 2009 she was promoted to a soloist of Dance Theatre Igen, during her engagement to Igen she participated in several full-length dance performances, and danced in numerous dance festivals abroad. As a dancer of Dance Theatre Igen she has received numerous international awards:
    •    First prize at the Choreographic Miniatures in 2000 in Belgrade
    •    Second Prize and Special Jury Prize at Tokyo Dance Platform
    •    Jarmila Jerabkova third prize award in Prague
    •    more awards in the competition of young dancers of Slovenia OPUS.

 In the past two years as a soloist of Dance Theatre IGEN she danced in Lady of the Camellias. The performance has toured in many major international festivals, within the invitation of the renowned dance artist , in 2010 it was presented at the Venice Biennale and in the finals of international competitions in Poland and in 2011 in.Choreographic competition, Beijing China.  In 2011 she received an award for artistic achievements in dance by the Municipality of Celje, Slovenia. She is a member of Ballet Association of Slovenia, a guest dancer of happy family Theatre Netherlands and Art Bark from USA. She worked with many Slovenian and international choreographers.

In 2012 she became a co-founder of ArtBark International with Stephen and Misa dancing in MISA KELLY'S choreographies: "A BAO QU", "MOKI'S WEDDING" and STEPHEN KELLY'S "FALLING AND FLYING" and "GOLDEN."  Performances occurred in Santa Barbara, Pasadena, New York, Vienna AUSTRIA and Paris FRANCE as a part of the Affinity Project, the ADaPT Festival Series and Green Space's Fertile Ground and Take Root Series. 

In 2013 they will meet up once again at the Dragon's Egg in Connecticut as a part of a week long residency to begin work on their Alma Karlin Project and will then travel to NY and CA for ADAPT Festival activities.

Press Quotes
Slovenian reviews associated with her award for artistic achievements and when she was voted the most outstanding female dancer in 2011.

"Mojca Majcen is a modern ballerina with an incredible power of physical expression, strong performing and acting skills. Her dance expression is conquering stages and the audience around the world and promoting the Celje and the Slovenian culture far beyond our borders.

Without doubt Mojca Majcen is one of the most distinctive dancers from Slovenia, her virtuosity and passion for dancing will help her to dance in the future on many world stages and will continue to promote the Celje and the Slovenian culture.