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2013 - in the works

Simplification.  Honing in on the creative process, getting to Connecticut, Istanbul, and back and prepping for a tri-city ADaPT Fest on the west coast in 2014.  

May 2nd:  5-8 pm, in front of Marshalls
1st Thursdays in Santa Barbara!   Dance, Music, Performance Art by ArtBarkers and special guest artists - TBA.

May 22nd - May 29th:  Residency at Dragon's Egg in Conneticut!

June 1st-8th: Integral Moves ADaPT Fest - Istanbul


A Year of transition - after 15 years as SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre we morph into ArtBark International.

January: NECTAR Home, Santa Barbara, CA
February: Affinity I Project (Pasadena, Santa Barbara), tour to New York (Green Space Studios for Fertile Ground and Take Root series)
March: Participation in Brian Brooks community work
April:  Integrative Arts Lab & Site Specific Movement Art
May: NECTAR Golden
June: MAX10 @ the Electric Lodge, 2nd in the ADaPT Fest series in Vienna, AUSTRIA
July: Affinity II in Paris, FRANCE,  Nadar Rosano Educational Outreach in L.A. and Santa Barbara
September: MixMatch Festival, Miles Memorial Playhouse - Santa Monica
October: Santa Barbara Dance Alliance - Dance Day, ArtBark International Affinity Festival.

Dates and Details

January 7th, 2012

8:00 pm at Yoga Soup
Tickets @ the door
$12 cash

Weslie and Tina premiere a remake of "Grit." It evolved into an entirely new work!  Fun stuff. Dancing in vintage bathing suits/caps, idiosyncratic movement, relationship rich, deeply psychological and walks the edge between scary and hysterical. Feedback? Folks LOVED the work...

photo by ArtBark photographer Kathee Miller

February - Affinity Tour! Pasadena, Santa Barbara,     New York

February 5th, 2012
ARC Pasadena
4:00 pm Performance Celebration
SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre, Hart Pulse Dance Company, Rubans Rouge Dance, Christine Suarez, Movement Theater CoLab, Block & Block donate art gifts to unwrap!

February 7th, 2012
Center Stage Theater
6:40 Dante Elephante Pre-Show
7:00 pm Performance Celebration
SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre, Hart Pulse Dance Company, Rubans Rouge Dance, Christine Suarez, Nebula Dance Lab, Movement Theater CoLab, Block & Block donate art gifts to unwrap!

HUGE success!
Visit our Affinity page to see photos and read preview articles and reviews.

February 11th, 2012 - 8:30 pm
Green Space Studios
Take Root Series
SonneBlauma shares an evening of work with NY based Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company.  Works shared included Grit, Unzipped, Moki's Wedding and Falling and Flying. Huge thanks to dancers Kevin Deelen, Tina Corbett, Weslie Ching, Mojca Majcen, and Joanna Nobbe and especially Valerie Green for hosting such a wonderful series. 

February 12th, 2012 - 8:30 pm
Green Space Studios
Fertile Ground
SonneBlauma shares the stage with New York choreographers

While we were there - a bit of guerrilla style movement art in the streets and in museums - unannounced and uninvited, which is always a bit of a rush when on the quest to "unframe art" and bring to places and spaces one might normally not encounter.

March - DANCEWorks

Glorious time participating with the community in Brian Brook's community work "Rush Hour."

Video of the cast backstage warming up. So lovely to dance with my then neighbors. Sophia (10) and her mom. 

May - NECTAR: Golden

May 12th
8:00 pm
Yoga Soup
Tickets: $10

Both Stephen and Misa premiered new works! Caravan and Paint my Wrinkles Red!

Rehearsal footage of Misa (52) and James (4)

Photos of Caravan by ArtBark Photographer Kathee Miller: Performers Steven Jasso, Stephen Kelly, Misa Kelly

Photos of Paint my Wrinkles by ArtBark Photographer Kathee Miller

June - MAX10, then Celje, SLOVENIA followed by       Vienna, AUSTRIA

June 4th
The Electric Lodge
Venice Beach, CA
7:00 pm
Misa performed Unzipped as a solo integrating the audience seating folks on stage and random chance integration of a poetess.

June 4th & June 11th
ArtBark International Choreography Classes
Master classes in choreography and composition at Dance Theater IGEN's home studio in Celje, Slovenia. Classes facilitated by Stephen Kelly and Mojca Majcen.

Yup! They had TONS of fun.  This video is too sweet for words!

June 19th - June 30th
Kabelwerks Theatre
Yup! The ADaPT Festival sprouted in Vienna this year and the plan is for it to be in Istanbul next year before bringing it home to the west coast in 2014.  

July - Paris, FRANCE  AFFINITY II & Educational Outreach

July 8th
studio Le Regard du Cygne
4:00 pm
ArtBark & Friends!

July 9th
The Museum Project - at the Lourve

July 22nd - Master Class with Nadar Rosano from Israel @ ARC Pasadena. 11:00 am. Reserve your space through eventbrite.

July 25th - Master Class with Nadar Rosano from Israel @ the Montecito School of Ballet. 9:45 am sign-in. Reserve your space through eventbrite.

SEPTEMBER - Santa Monica, CA

MixMatch Festival produced by Hart Pulse Dance Company
Miles Memorial Playhouse
September 1st and 2nd
September 1st @ 8:00 pm Joanna Nobbe and Misa Kelly performed Unzipped
September 2nd @ 2:00 pm Stephen Kelly's work Caravan was performed by Joanna Nobbe, Misa Kelly and Stephen Kelly. 

Pure bliss to be backstage and chat it up with old friends and new friends and even friends who live merely miles away you never see because of the intensity of juggling so many occupations and tasks as working class artists.   Double bliss to view the other works on the programs from the wings and the sleepover with giggles long into the night at Noelle of Rubans Rouge Dance Company's home.

October - Santa Barbara and Los Angeles

October 17th-21st
ArtBark International Festival
Affinity III
Companies from Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Salem
Please visit our project specific website