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When we are able to we use funds from our resources to not only help us realize our projects, but also the projects of others.  In 2011 a dance floor was purchased and donated to Fishbon's Pescadrome for the SB-ADaPT Festival.  They now have it as a resource to use for any dance events that may occur there. We look forwards to using it again in 2014!   The NECTAR community has many artists that integrate projections into their work. This year we purchased a projector and have made a commitment to the community to show up to all of the NECTAR events to manage sound, videotaping the event and to also have the projector available for artists who have need of one.   We have also provided one on one techie support empowering others to manage their own websites, put up YouTube channels, and increase their online presence.

Golden Gifts
For our events at Center Stage Theater we call around and offer tickets to those in need, or who could use an extra charge of inspiration.  Our last set of takers were staff members of Saint Vincents.   From time to time we practice random acts of kindness and make out a donation to an artist we believe is making exceptional work, or doing something terrific for the community.  They are "surprise" gifts in small amounts intended to brighten an artists day.

Umbrella Services
On a case by case basis our non-profit umbrella's the work of others.