Press & Audience Quotes

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ArtBark International

"forward thinking artists"
    Santa Barbara Independent

"creative excellence"
    Clay Bodine - fishbon

Core Collaborators


photo of Stephen Kelly by Barbara Parmet
“Superb on-stage performance by Stephen Kelly”
Los Angeles Times

“Very felicitous (interpretation) of the contemporary work.”
ABC de Sevilla

“Superb piano artistry”
Santa Barbara News-Press

“Stephen Kelly's piece, "Atesh, Bayan, Ghuzal Adam," featured his incredibly imaginative and well-
formed original music score, and demonstrated his understanding of the connective nuances of
body movement to sound.”
Dan Kepl - Santa Barbara News Press

“a brilliant trio.”
Charles Donelan - Santa Barbara Independent

“This piece should tour to every college in America as an example of good choreography.”
Amanda Hart – producer of MixMatch Dance Festival

“the performance of the contemporary American works was a revelation.”
Pierrette Germain, delegated producer, Radio-France

“a masterful performance, particularly in the Beethoven”
Maestro Fournier, music director of the Toledo Symphony

“Your music works beautifully in the context of the film.”
Bob Hunka, music director, Paramount Motion Pictures


photo of Joanna Nobbe by Robert Salas

"vulnerable and riotously funny" 
Elizabeth Schwyzer - the Independent


photo of Trina Mannino by Misa Kelly
"The inventiveness and mix of old-school and contemporary influences in this piece was enthusiastically appreciated by the audience."
    Justine Sutton - the Noozhawk

"Samuel Beckett-ish"
    Albert Reid

"It was so beautiful" 
    Marcia Sherman

"The ending, in which the two slowly entwine in a reclined embrace, wraps up the dada-like piece with a string that can't be explained in words and can only be felt in the gut."
   Beth Megill

Photo of Mojca Majcen by Sue Bell
"Mojca Majcen is a modern ballerina with an incredible power of physical expression, strong performing and acting skills. Her dance expression is conquering stages and the audience around
the world and promoting the Celje and the Slovenian culture far beyond our borders.

Without doubt Mojca Majcen is one of the most distinctive dancers from Slovenia, her virtuosity and passion for dancing will help her to dance in the future on many world stages and will continue
to promote the Celje and the Slovenian culture."

International Performances
“Majcen’s the kind of dancer you can’t stop watching: Her exquisite technique is matched by a
spellbinding presence. Whether she’s slapping the floor or firing off an above-the-head jeté, she’s in
complete command. It’s only when other dancers join her onstage that you realize she’s hardly more than five feet tall."
Elizabeth Schwyzer – Santa Barbara Independent

"Without doubt Mojca Majcen is one of the most distinctive dancers from Slovenia, her virtuosity and passion for dancing will help her to dance in the future on many world stages"

Photo of Misa Kelly by Barbara Parmet
"Kelly, a woman slight in stature, proved an overwhelming and formidable presence on stage in her work which used her own vocalizations in a psychological journey.”
    Steven Woodruff- Dance Plug

“Kelly’s pieces – especially Nadar Sabe Mi Llama el Agua Fria – explored the coexistence of athletic
genius and disability in the same body, while maintaining an insistence on aesthetic appeal.”
    Rebecca Joley - L.A. Yoga Magazine

“Under No Certain Circumstance” by SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre of Santa Barbara, danced by
Misa Kelly and Weslie Ching, was an audience favorite.”
    Barbara Ransom – Life in L.A.

“At once tragic and heroic, innocent and all-knowing, the persona Kelly presented here was as
fascinating as the piece was gorgeously multilayered”
    Justine Sutton - Noozhawk

“Striking and surreal in most places, it was as playful as the fun of its cut-up music… The evening
was like a good mixed tape made by a friend who wants to turn you on to the newest in new.
Consider that mission accomplished."
    Ted Mills - Santa Barbara News Press

“astonishingly gifted”
    Santa Barbara News Press

“the result was electric”
    Elizabeth Schwyzer - Santa Barbara Independent

“a witty piece by Kelly set on a larger group that involved dancers of all ages. Against a dramatic
soundscape created by the choreographer, dancers interacted playfully with chairs, the audience,
and each other, filling the black-box space with teasing humor and a sense of freedom.”
    Charles Donelan - Santa Barbara Independent

"vulnerable and riotously funny" 
Elizabeth Schwyzer - the Independent

“You have what the rest of us are hoping to find.” Peggy Baker, Choreographer
“Your performance was riveting. It held me from the beginning until the end” BeBe Miller, Choreographer
"profound” – Delila Mosley, Director UCSB Student Company, Owner Montecito School of Ballet
“epic” – Valerie Huston, Ballet Faculty, UCSB
“cathartic” – Karsen Gould, Artistic Director, Arts for Humanity
"fresh, authentic & wild" – Elaine Nakashima, Massage Therapist & Dancer