Red Ribbons

Red Ribbons & Memories Dance Concert
When: Saturday August 17th
Where: ARC Pasadena
What time: 7:00 pm 

What: ArtBark International will share work on the "Memories" portion of the dance concert alongside the following choreographers:
Noelle Andressen (Rubans Rouges Dance Company)
Wendi Baity (Relentless Dance Theatre)
Nancy Evans Doede (Nancy Evans Dance Theatre)
Amanda Hart (Hart Pulse Dance Company)
Beth Megill (Beth Megill & Company)
and Kim & Jay Castillo, Kirby Harrell, Rebecca Santini, and Heather Smith Dance Company.

The second half of the program will be "RED RIBBONS"
Based on "The Dance" that started Rubans Rouges Dance Company, the long awaited, full concert version of "RED RIBBONS" will  be presented as intended in its completed and uncensored form.
Noelle Andressen (Rubans Rouges Dance Company)
Travel along one woman's journey of her inner soul. Experience how she triumphs over her heart's nightmare and finds the light of HOPE in her darkened life.
Please use discretion as this dance performance delves into mature and controversial subject matters. This performance may not be suitable for children under 13, nor suitable for children under 13 unattended by adults. Parental discretion is strongly advised.