SonneBlauma 2011 Spring Update

To:          SonneBlauma Buddies
Subject:   Happy Spring!
From:      Misa

First and foremost? Taking time to enjoy it? This glorious spring with mother nature letting us know how she feels about all the rain we've had this season.  Stephen and I are working on developing the habit of shutting it all down to head for the Foothills to picnic and bliss out at our Secret Spot! at least once a week.  Give us a jingle (805) 569-0389, put on your hiking boots, meet us at the trail head.  We've been going on Wednesdays.

SB-ADaPT Fest Opportunities: Christine Suarez’s BEACH DANCE! Wanna play? Let me know and I’ll collate movers that want to engage on June 19th beginning at East Beach in Santa Barbara & pass it on to Christine. One hour rehearsal at the site and then do it to it. Although the event is “guerrilla” style I did check in with the Parks and Recreation Department about the Flashmob style event. As long as nobody is naked, boozing it up, tossing trash we’re good to go!  Wanna know what it looks like?  Christine has it posted to YouTube HERE.

Special Thanks: Hoot, hoot – Special thanks to the Turkish Cultural Foundation for helping to fund Lerna Babikyan's (Honey & Mood Productions) journey to Santa Barbara to attend the Fest, the Israeli Consulate for helping fund the Maya & Tomer dance company's participation, Rudi Schulte Family Foundation and Terry & Mary Kelly for sponsoring the event, home stays provided by the Fishbon community cutting lodging costs for some of the Fest Participants, foodie donors that will help feed the artists: Isla Vista Food Co-Op, Whole Foods Market, Tri County Produce & more . . .

SB-ADaPT Festival
Save the Dates: June 15th-June 19th

We’re a new Festival being sensitive to ideas tossed out there by the community about what they’d like to see added.  The Dance Tribe Community is going to offer a SB-ADaPT Fest early bird session intended to send out some great energy into the ethers in preparation for the Festival.  Lamara Heartwell suggested an outdoor component so we are hard at work planning some site specific events. There have been multiple requests by visiting artists to teach with not enough slots in the current Festival schedule.  We are hoping to add more SB-ADaPT Early Bird events the weekend before.   June 25th we’ll be having a studio showing at the Electric Lodge for Festival participants that also want to share their work with the L.A. community. Hopefully IGEN from Slovenia and Sinan Temizalp from Istanbul will be sharing work!   Read the press release below for more info!

Crowdrise: Taking it one step further – helping artists with travel expenditures. It feels soooo good to give. In addition to the 1,000 + volunteer hours I’ve donated since April of last year organizing the SB-ADaPT Fest I tossed in what I could from my tax return – felt great to do! If you can’t make it to any of the events – would you be willing to consider donating $5? Hard to ask – but that’s a part of my job. Donate $5 and express a wish. We’ll put it in the “wishbowl”, have an artist from the Festival read it, and as them to intentionally dance or physical theaterize it into being as they perform. Fun eh? Follow this link to consider making that wish.

Fishbon: Awesome Community -  coming along brilliantly
The SB-ADaPT Festival's kick-off event will be held at the Pescadrome.  It was a bit difficult to wrap my head around what exactly wanted to happen but I THINK we're beginning to get it.  Here's a Description of where things stand with the vision for this element of the Festival.   Below is Mark Goerner's brilliant rendering of the plans for developing the space.  GREAT progress.  The main stage is built, a big spring cleaning, too much for words.  Very much looking forwards to installing wall to wall sod in the "shop" space! 

Poppa Frank: We're still processing the shape shifting and moving on to bigger and better things for Frank the moment he moved on from this world. A lovely family purchased the home. Stephen and I spent the last day in the space making art.  Fun photo shoot with Weslie Ching.  We had a lovely picnic in the living room.  The stillness and peace within that space was such a joy.  Pics HERE - Enjoy!

Looking ahead already - we intend to developing the flow of creative energy betweeen West Coast connections flowing in the even years when the Festival isn't happening.   Booked Diavolo in L.A. and Center Stage Theater in SB for an LA/SB flow of energy – HPDC, Lineage Dance & SonneBlauma getting it underway. FUN! Have a Center Stage in SB date booked in hopes of creating a SF/SB flow!