Take Root 2012

As a part of SonneBlauma's winter tour the company will be performing at Green Space in Long Island City, New York as a part of Valerie Green's Take Root series.

They will be sharing a show with Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company.  

Company members traveling with the company to perform include Misa and Stephen Kelly, Moska Majcen, Weslie Ching, Michelle Lynch, and Tina Corbett. 

In that the contemporary dance community in Santa Barbara is so small the company is relying more and more on artists who live out of town to collaborate with to generate new work and keep repertory alive.  Moska Majcen lives in Slovenia and we are skyping rehearsals.  She is learning things from choreographic material posted to you tube. When she arrives she will work intensively to prepare the work for SonneBlauma's winter tour.  When company member Joanna Nobbe moved to New York she maintained a relationship with the company helping to make arrangements for their activities in Istanbul, traveling to Santa Barbara to present work in a studio showing, and is now working on a duet with Misa Kelly that will be performed in the Take Root performance.