In 2013 the Kellys caught wind that an annual Santa Barbara choreographic showcase that had been in place for well over a decade might soon cease to exist.  The two decided that the Santa Barbara did indeed need such a showcase but decided to step aside to see if someone else would take the initiative.  Lo an behold Maria Rendina Frantz put out the call for artists interested in producing a group choreographic showcase and the HIVE was born thanks to Maria, the Kellys, ArtBarker Melissa Block and Meredith Cabaniss of SELAH Dance Collective.  The Kellys drew from what they had learned over the years producing showcases and festivals and worked with said collaborators to generate a streamline production process whereby contributing artists not only contribute creative work, but also contribute to the cost of production. The group set one simple goal for the first season, to earn $$ back and to pass this on to participating groups.  So far so good!  To learn more about the HIVE please visit the HIVE website