Up Next: NECTAR - Love Allways

 WHEN: Saturday, February 9, 2013 @ 7pm
WHERE: YOGA SOUP (28 Parker Way, www.yogasoup.com)
WHY: To celebrate St. Valentine's Day and reflect on Love in all it's many forms
TICKETS: $12 at the door ($6 for kids under 12)
doors open at 6:45
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Another Chance to See One World is Never Enough!
Feedback about the work thus far.
 Misa & Stephen Kelly’s piece “One World is Never Enough” engaged the audience and engaged my poetic self to a deeper understanding of true Kelly talent. The piece “One World is Never Enough” stood out in the Kinetics 2013 dance production like a diamond on a newlywed woman. I would recommend The Kelly Twins to any person who wishes to think on a deeper level and be inspired. Bravo 10/10

Chris Hoffman

(Santa Barbara, CA)


Dear Misa and Stephen,

I didn't get a chance after the show last weekend to speak with you about how I enjoyed your piece.  It had a feel of a kind of cross between Meredith Monk and Pina Bausch to me. 


Artistic Director Nancy Evans Dance Theater (Pasadena, CA)


Hi Misa,

After our hurried conversation in the hallway yesterday, I wanted to follow up by saying that I think it's fantastic that you're doing such innovative work, and that you are not afraid to take risks!  That's one reason why I say I think you are our (SB) most inventive choreographer, and I'm always delighted to see your work!  I applaud your effort whole-heartedly (and of course I'm including Stephen in this also), and remain your devoted groupie!  BRAVA!!! for EVERYTHING you do in the SB Dance community!

Huge hugs and much love,


Susan Alexander Teaches, Santa Barbara CA


Dear Misa,

I loved the piece last night, by the way!


Delila Moseley, owner Montecito School of Ballet, Director UCSB Dance Company)


Under the newly formed performance collective, Art Bark (formerly Sonnenblauma), Misa and Stephen Kelly co-choreographed One World is Never Enough. This piece had it all: charming children at the beginning, a cute Dachshund running across the stage and paper airplanes thrown by the audience! Set to a complex soundscape (that I can't even begin to recreate in my memory), this piece played like an abstract impressionist painting, offering the audience a series of images and scenarios that hinted at travel and relationships, but left the majority of the meaning to be formed by the observer. Very Art Barkian!


Beth Megill,

Dancing Poetess Blog

Faculty Moorpark College, Director Beth Megill and Dancers


“Thought-provoking...eliciting joy”

Weslie Ching

Nebula Dance Lab dancer

SEATING IS LIMITED - we suggest early arrival

ABOUT NECTAR - Love All Ways
Highlighting the work of AHA! and CADA, Youth Service Specialists come celebrate the 13th NECTAR since October 2009!
Participating Artists
Ken Gilbert & E. Bonnie Lewis - Performance Art
Melanie Johnson - Dance
Jessica Kondrath - Dance
Penelope Salinger & The Threshold Choir
ArtBark International (Misa & Stephen Kelly) - Physical Theater
Karen Barranco & Valarie Mulberry - live music, performance art and spoken word
Lisa Cittore - Poetry
Paul Forester - Performance Art
Dairine Pearson - Poetry
Conner Nakao - Music
Selena Rockwell - Performance Art