Multifaceted, Multi-Modal

Gender Fluid

Identity Fluid

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I am retired now!

My many names

I have a medical condition called complex-PTSD, and have largely integrated a condition also generated by deep trauma, multiple personality disorder/DID, which I playfully coin Multifaceted Wonder Order. While I consider myself largely integrated, it is an ongoing process, and I have yet to achieve what is known as a fused identity state.

Dylan Iolani Pu'u

Pu'u is my maiden name, and I have been exploring my Hawaiian ancestry, and use this name for my acting and visual art adventures.  My two sisters have Hawaiian middle names, Leilani, and Nalani, and it felt a nice way to honor them by integrating a Hawaiian middle name to honor where the creative gifts come from. ​


Sky Hawk

The name gifted to me in dream by my brother, when he was transitioning from this realm to what lies beyond death of the body. I use this name in my spiritual play, shamanism circles, meditation circles.

Star Hopper

The name gifted to me by my sister, in dream, when she was transitioning from this world to the next.


Ginger Freedom

The name I use for my blogging and book projects.

Misa Miele Mandigo Kelly

My adopted name and legal name given to me by my life name Stephen. Misa short for Mona Lisa, which relates to an art experience in the Lourve when I was 20. I used this name as a dance maker and producer. Kelly is my partner's last name, and Mandigo was his mother's maiden name.



For 15 years I was the director of SonneBlauma Danscz Theatre and as SonneBlauma, the path was tough as a groundbreaker, cultural shaman, and visionary. The accomplishments were poetic, happy even, and much of this journey is archived in the book So I Graduated with a Dance Degree. Now What? 


In 2012 this expression morphed into ArtBark International, a collaborative and co-creative community that has adventured on the West Coast, the East Coast, and abroad in Europe with effort dedicated to shifting the paradigm in how the arts organize and creating a way to co-create and collaborate to spite living in different cities and different countries. 

I resigned from the company and its non-profit in 2019 after a health crisis, following the wise counsel of Ticht Naht Hahn, and the observation, that, I had too many cows (responsibility).