2013-2017, development. Alma.Sama. 

A collaborative and co-creative project in which I contributed as a dance maker, performer, actress, costume designer and sculptor. We live in different cities and different countries and spent 3 years developing the work. Alma.Sama., a transformative endeavor. It premiered at the Cankarjev Dom in Slovenia, we let it rest for a season, and then brought it to the West Coast in 2017 for performances in Pasadena and Santa Barbara.

2013: Patchwork Chameleon 

A woman approached me about the soundscapes of her daughter, Isa Topete, and asked about collaborating with her. Isa has a chromosome deletion which resulted in her being unable to communicate with language. She communicates with music. I listened to a CD she had of Isa's work and was struck by the uniqueness of it. I sensed, it was in a form that could not be readily comprehended and asked for permission to re-mix the work and used it for a solo I was working on.. The work premiered in Los Angeles at the Electric Lodge and went on to be performed in New York, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara.

This has been a part of a two year creative meditation with the impetus surfacing while in residency in Slovenia with ArtBark International. It was in response to a co-creator bursting into tears as we discussed the state of the planet. I suggested we be intentional in our next endeavor asking ourselves, overtime an issue arose that disturbed us, to ask ourselves, What is the solution? Presently the work has expanded to a 20 minute solo, with the next section I intend to explore the task of de-constructing religion.

2012: A quick and unexpected process the first year Mojca and I began to collaborate together.  Moki's Wedding gives voice to the difficulty nations experienced as a consequence of a socialist region reorganizing into different countries and become capitalistic in economic structure. Performed in Santa Barbara, Pasadena, New York, Vienna, and Paris.