Out 1st week in June


End of June


Send out welcome & Press/Marketing Form

Due July 30th

INFORMATION GATHERING - for Press and Marketing Platform

description of dances, photo, bio (for website, facebook, press release, smug mug gallery, etc)

Send out by July 1st

August 1st


August 15th

PRESS Release Draft - integrate into fundly and website and facebook.

September 1st


To the Printer Saturday October 9


Hang Flyers Week of October 17, 24

Monday October 10th


re-name music by choreographer

Sat October 29th


November 1st


CD and computer

November 3rd


Process Thursday before event.  

Ticket sales at door after that.

Sat Nov 5th

Possibly ARC Pasadena

Sun Nov 6th -

Noon everyone gathers

Gail Towbes Center for Dance


November 5th - Pieter

11-1 - set up chairs, space the work in program order

1-3 - showing and strike

Artists traveling from Santa Barbara please allow 3 hours for travel to the space.

420 West Avenue 33
Unit #10
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Entrance to studio is on the curved street corner at the little bench.  



November 6th - Gail Towbes Center for Dance

2-5:30 - set up chairs, space the work in program order

6-8 - showing & strike


TICKET SALES: Online sales stop Friday at 5:00 pm.




CARPOOL: Kindly leave by 8:00 am. When we drove down we used google maps which told us which route had the least traffic and used GPS. 


Parking on the street, not in the lot!


If you arrive early, Trina and I found a really nice java stop close to the venue. 




BonBon, Kennie, Barbara

Stephen, Nikki, Nicole

Misa, Trina, Mindy



ONE: Spacing and Set-up

We will IMMEDIATELY begin to space work with sound check with Stephen in program order and will begin the moment we arrive. We won't run the musical invocation. There won't be time for a warm-up so dancers may want to talk to their bodies a bit before they get into the car. We will space work in program order running each work ONCE. Once you are done, kindly help Nancy Evans with set up of the chairs. After the works are all spaced we will circle up with each person setting an intention for the day. If there is additional time, those who need it can run their work again. I don't mind people warming up as the audience comes in.


TWO: Group Bow and Strike

No bows in-between pieces. Let's all come out at once take a group bow, then each group step forwards to bow for their offering. BonBon makes the announcement that we need to clear out of the next group by 3:00 pm but people are welcome to join artists as we head to eat afterwards or stay to move as a part of Pieter's open lab. AFTER the bow we will IMMEDIATELY begin to fold up chairs and place them against the wall for the next group that will be performing in the evening. There is a 3:00 pm open lab that comes in, so we are asked to be mindful of artists coming in. If we aren't out exactly by 3:00 pm - this should be okay. We need to dry sweep the place as well.


THREE: Food and fun

Trina wishes to do Mexican while she is here and I found a place on Yelp close by.

Pieter suggested a local bar called footsies - but I don't think they have food.




Please arrive by 3:00 pm. We will set up chairs/video camera quickly. Remaining time will be for warm-up. 

TWO: Run-through for sound and for photos

We will run through the program in program order for photos so if you do make-up, wear make-up. Stephen needs to be at the door by 5:30 pm to manage ticket sales. Melissa Block is coming to help with this. I don't mind artists warming up as audience comes in.

THREE: Performance As with Pieter BonBon will welcome the witnesses/audience. Same drill for group bow at the end. All come onto the space, line up, group bow, one at a time step forward to bow as individuals. There will be cake and cupcakes out to celebrate my 20 years as a dance maker for the spectators. I think at the ten minute pause? 

FOUR: Strike After the bow we work as a community to fold up chairs and put them away, dry mop the space, mingle with the audience, lock up and kiss until we meet again.




DUE OCTOBER 10th: Program Information, Tech Info, Music

PAST DUE JULY 30th: Press and Marketing Info

Misa note: form in beethechangenow archive space

Turf Tasks - Santa Barbara

List of Tasks

  1. Develop Call for Submissions - send out - done, Misa!

    1. Stephen Kelly - trio

    2. Trina Mannino - duet

    3. Mindy Nelson - a solo

    4. Misa Kelly - quintet 

    5. barbara mahler

  2. Acquire the space - done! Misa

  3. Contract and payment for the space - done! Misa

  4. Herd the wild mustangs - in the process Misa

  5. Welcome artists - in process, Stephen

  6. Create a production time line - Misa & Stephen

  7. Recruit a volunteer photographer - done! - Misa

  8. Recruit a volunteer videographer (ask Galen)

  9. Recruit someone to run the sound  - done, Stephen will do this

  10. Recruit someone to help with chairs

  11. Gather deposits from artists

  12. Gather information from artists: photos, descriptions of their creative work, web links

  13. generate press materials: for newspapers, for listings

  14. send out press materials

  15. gather program information and music  stephen

  16. make program take to printers

  17. make flyer

  18. recruit someone for door - stephen

  19. Create Budget - Misa

  20. Welcome Artists - Stephen

  21. Make a contact list of participating artists

  22. Create production timeline - Misa

  23. Create day of materials

  24. Create information gathering form

  25. Create program information/tech form

  26. Deposit artist checks

  27. Create post production form

  28. Post production - photos and video

  29. Post production - thank yous

  30. Create smug mug gallery of images