Our philosophy is two fold: the spiritual base which is the process of In'Tuit Tech'nique: A Joy Blossom Yoga Adventure, and project oriented philosophy that changes as #weareasONE grow and evolve. Art is not stagnant. As we grow. The art grows. The philosophy adjusts to the expanded awareness brought on by the creative process, however long or short. My process is lengthening as well as slowing down, deconstruction/dismantling/unraveling processing and emergence. My last creative cycle was five years with one community. I think the philosophy for the following project will be another five years, perhaps ten. Then, rest....


THE SIBLING PROJECT and my genetic tribe project: The process is in control, and I will update this as things morph, shift, change, as it is now.

From October to January 12, 2018 I was in a collaborative and co-creative process with a sibling.

We had a road block come up and I am allowing things to go in a different direction for a bit, so I am focusing on SIBLINGS AND GENES. 

PAST PROJECT #theVanGoghProject=futuristmoment

The biggest change in the project is receiving a cease & desist order from a law firm that the lead artist, as a pacifist, experienced in a physiological way as an act of war. The other artist also experienced this threat as something which has thrown her off balance. We both quest balance and go to our breath and our creative sparks as well as nature for support.


Step one: allow the nervous system to being to regulate normally.

Step two: process the hurdle using art.

Step three: seek legal counsel.

Step always: breathe.

Artvocating and Artivism for the one you love, it aint no picnic, yet. 

When it gets rough, go soft, get creative, be patient, cry, ground into love, compassion, Buddha breathing one's breath.

Ground into the bigger picture and be there for all those that suffer in similar situations.


In the manifestation of this project I set the intention to allow the light of awareness to blossom where it seeks to blossom, and for all those that are troubled, or threatened by the light being turned on, that all of their fears be processed through to completion and they themselves receive a big wave of love, healing, bliss, joy, and therapy if needed. May their inner child, that perhaps was left alone in the crib to cry, be comforted. May their infected inner wounds be tended with compassion, poetry, gentleness, and kindness.

WHAT is this project.

For years I have been aware that humanity has gone through a period of specialization, and that the next step on the horizon, was integrative forms. That began to happen, and I witnessed that, and I have been a part of that.


As an artist I've become adept at manifesting and I am aware that artists are seen by society as forerunners of change.


In 2015, before the election results of 2016, I sensed a need to shift the focus of my creative intention. Now that my work as a cultural shaman had brought me to a place where all of my conventional dreams/visions were manifest something fresh was asked of me.


I began to integrate sensibilities BEYOND the boundaries of Art.

At this point in time I see myself as gender futurist, identity futurist, and for this project, the lead is managed by a name given to me by my brother Blue Hawk: Sky Hawk.

In order for this project to manifest, my sense is I need support not only from my positive ancestors, but the land, and an acknowledgement of my indigenous roots and all of the poetry this holds with both warriors and healers undoubtedly in the lineage of first generation to many generations with socialists, republicans, artists, entertainers, engineers, writers, musicians, tailors, religious extremists, Catholics, Groups/Cults, a whaling captain, a seller of leis, farmers, hoteliers, singers, and who knows what else in the mix - I have much that I have yet to discover and I acknowledge the ability of the broken healer to epigenetically and shamanically shift what seeks to be shift in interest of tending the planet to the best of my ability.

The name I use for this project is Dylan Michael Anthony Wahinialoha Pu'u which has specific cultural and spiritual significance. It carries on the work of a brother who has passed, who perceived of himself as a "kahuna" who devoted his life to tending the land, healing the land, taking care of the land. I get, that we are the land as well.


I am interfacing and integrating multiple platforms experimenting with the concept of generating online content which will be brought offline and installed in various ways and documented to be put up online again. 


A form of Artivism and Artvocacy


Civil Disobedience
Releasing information with the direct intent to use this light of awareness to be a factor in impacting legislation. A creative form of non-violent protest. A voice for all those that suffer behind locked doors where no impartial eyes and ears roam. A voice also for the young that live in the bomb shelters as prisoners within the war camps of their own childhood (such as those poor kids in the news chained to beds while the smiling good Christians fooled schools, neighbors, and?). The vision is, shift legislation, create the checks and balances that are crying for creation. May this creative act itself give creative breath to this vision.


The artists have received a cease & desist letter from a law firm in relation to this aspect of the project. This artifact is being removed from soundcloud and will be installed in a sculptural work.
#Realityradio on soundcloud, which in part is an act of civil disobedience, allowing people to listen to what it is like to be an artist in a modern day asylum and juxtaposing this against the life of Van Gough.

Favorite quote "they have a perfect record", by an employee of the LA Public Guardian of Leilani's asylum, a place somebody has died in. Given the Cease & Desist Letter, we are stopping this blog component and allowing another one to emerge. Stay tuned for where this one will be.

Prayer (sense of spirit/heart/soul/maker energy)
May those with the eyes to see, the ears to heart, the heart to feel, the know how to fix this take immediate right action now. May we stand in solidarity for those that suffer, the perpetrators that act out their own pain and/or lack of awareness, and those that suffer at the hands of the perpetrators. May we send love, light, compassion, empathy, kindness and tolerance into the places where no impartial eyes and ears ever go. Where victims suffer in places where they are not free to come and go.

Commerce: Consumption with Intention: Online to Offline
Uploading Leilani's art for people to interface with. Her dream is to continue to make work and display it. Game. Buy a product, go to a museum where there is a Van Gough Painting, take a selfie and post it to social media with the hashtags:  #theVanGoughProject #weareasONE @artbarkinternational @gingerfreedom
Playmates work and words will be downloaded, printed out, and integrated into an installation with imagery documented and uploaded online again.

Sound Effects
To be uploaded to a space where people can download the sounds from within an asylum to integrate into art projects, a creative act of civil disobedience and non-violent protest of appalling conditions and violations of basic human rights. Hmmm... this exists as an idea only.

As I identify what is broken in the system I am creating move-on.org petitions which will become a part of the non-physical theater/inner body civil disobedience events and art installations. I invite you to become an Artivist and an Artvocate by reading the petitions and better yet, signing them and sharing them on social media using the hashtags #theVanGoughProject #weareasONE @gingerfreedom 

Impartial Eyes and Ears
Whistleblower Protection
Checks and Balances for Palm Greasing
(yet to be created)
Investigative Body for Interlocking Agencies that Service the Mentally Ill
(yet to be created)
Clear Communication About Politician Priorities on Websites so Constituents Don't Waste Time
(yet to be created)



I am in phase two now, and generating art product from the experiences: books, audio CDs, DVDs, Sculptures, project propaganda, and will move into the inner-body performance ritual spectacles/events as well as sculptural installation design and implementation phase.


  • Create a movement of fun where people install themselves in museums wearing Leilani's art (a modern way of consuming art) so that she can say, my art has been these places.

  • Life drawing adventures in Brooklyn installing Leilani in September drawing and painting live from the model within an installation of artifacts

  • Life drawing adventures at the Dragon's Egg to experience what it is like to experiment with Van Gough's precepts for doing good work

  • Life drawing adventures in Paris, and sketching in museums, then travelling to the landscape to paint the same views Van Gough painted

  • Traveling to the Van Gough museum, install artifacts, discussion and presentation about the project and progress made in raising awareness and impacting legislation

  • Generate resources through commerce and patronage to enable Leilani to receive the resources she needs to help her on her recovery journey outside of government influence.