My DNA tells me, that in my lineage somewhere along the line some great or great great and even greater was 100% with regard to country of origin.

French & German

Eastern European


British & Irish

Southeast Asian


West African




North African

Native American

I think perhaps the music came from my paternal side, although the maternal side also  had its natural musicians and great singers.

Grandpa Pu'u toured the orient and also was an act on an early Ringling Brothers Circus  and my Grandpa Kolenc was purported to be able to play by ear and a family zither graced the family home. My Slovenia cousins are remarkable singers.

With a large family, and limited resources, and separated geographically, the story I remake is we weren't afforded the connection and benefit of grandparents.

My musical journey, I quest to learn a little bit about all of these interesting characters in my gene pool.

Lucky weareasONE - all of us - joyously interconnected!

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